Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update Aug 24 – 2012

Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update Aug 24 – 2012

24th August 2012

Those ones of you who follow me on Twitter know well how much I like to share every post/article/guide I consider relevant, and that I discovered thanks to my long list of RSS feeds and monitoring what others are sharing online.

The reasons why I share content so much are many:

  • Because to share knowledge makes us better as professionals. Maybe I am an idealist, but ignorance is the worst enemy of anyone pretending to be a professional SEO;
  • Because I like to prize with my shares the efforts of those ones, who did great researches or opened their minds (and hearts) to others with great ideas, tips or theories;
  • Because curating my social shares and commenting them, even though synthetically as obliged by 140 characters, helps me a lot in creating relationship (and sometimes true friendships) with those SEOs I consider the most relevant in our industry.

Sometimes I am asked if I spend my day on Twitter. Even though it may seems so, actually I do not pass all my time tweeting. Buffer, Social Bro, the same Tweetdeck scheduling option are great allies in my Twitter experience. But my best ally is IFTTT. In fact, with the premise that Twitter is the best way to communicate with peers spread all over the world, I baked some simple IFTTT recipes in order to see when my selected contacts tweet (i.e.: if Rand Fishkin tweets then an advise is posted on my email); if I can enter in the conversation, then I do.

Best of TwitterBut when it comes to curating content on Twitter, I usually rely on these tools:

  1. Twitter Favorites
  2. Rebel Mouse
  3. Google Reader;
  4. IFTTT;
  5. Pocket;
  6. Zite.

For instance, when I save in my Twitter favorites a tweet with a link I want to check out later quietly, an IFTTT recipe save the RSS of the blog the link is on my Google Reader. That is something impossible to do with Zite, but in that case I save the post I want to read/share later on Pocket, which is the place where I save (and tag) those ones I really find worth saving for future reference (I do a big use of the Pocket bookmarklet).

One of the worst things of Internet is how fast content is forgotten. And oblivion possibly is one of the reason people commit always the same mistakes year after year and write the same thing over and over again in a sort of writing Groundhog day.

For this reason I and Bas discussed that maybe could be interesting to create a biweekly column here in State of Search with the best content shared on Twitter. Obviously, it does not pretend to be the ultimate curated list and it is biased by my own tastes… but I discovered that they are quite common and – thankfully – appreciated by many other SEOs and Web Marketers.

So… let’s start curating.

The Best of Twitter (between the 1st and the 18th of August)

31 Must-Reads SEO Experiments and Test Findings

This post on is not just a great collection of SEO experiments done between 2007 and 2012, but its most important message is something people tend to forget: SEO first of all is testing. No matter what you read, no matter what you have learnt from others, until you don’t experiment yourself on your site you won’t be a real SEO.

Is Your Linkbuilding Working? How to Easily Check Using Webmaster Tools and a Pivot Chart

Two reasons why I suggest to (re)discover this post on SEOmoz:

  1. Link Building is still the most important tactic in SEO. Penguin is here showing us why;
  2. I am a man coming from marketing and I cannot consider myself an Excel nerd… but how can we work without Excel, right? So, posts like this one are always welcome.

10 Incentives to Increase Your Guest Post Acceptance Rate [Outreach Examples]

Guest Blogging is surely the link building tactic of the moment, maybe even more than infographics. If done well, guest blogging offer you:

  1. Exposure;
  2. Organic inbound traffic;
  3. Social shares;
  4. Links

So, the tips Peter Attia suggests in these guest post for the StokedSEO blog are really great in order to optimize your guest blogging performance.

Unicorn Meat and Monster Feet, 9 Exceptional Examples of Linkbait Products

Content… even though I don’t really like the phrase Content is King, undoubtedly Content is at the base of any really good link building campaign. Somehow Content is the fuel your marketing engine needs in order to work. Without it you can’t go that far.

But content is not just written one; products can be considered content, and fake ones can be links’ magnets. This post by Screaming Frog is simply amazing with its list of (fake) products.

Readability and SEO

When it comes to SEO, we all think to On Page issues, site architecture, links, speed… but rarely do we stop thinking to readability. AK Kohn, indeed, shows us how that “accessibility” factor should be considered an SEO one too.

Visualize your Site’s Link Graph with NodeXL

Ok! now we have created content, done our guest blogging campaigns and we promoted our site on Social Media. It is time to check out our link profile.

Aleyda Solis propose us a not so difficult way to visualize our backlinks in Excel and to segment that visualization in order to have a clearer and easier to understand vision of our efforts.

SEO Is Leaving Marketing Behind

Michael Martinez is known for no qualms in saying what he thinks. So it is in this post.

There is no search engine optimization without marketing. Chasing keywords is NOT marketing. Publishing content is NOT marketing. Obtaining links is NOT marketing.

You may disagree with him (I agree), but surely Michael is able to make us reflect about where is going our industry.

The Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing

On a different tone, but substantially talking it too about the evolution of our industry, I suggest to read the long post Chris Windfield wrote on Blueglass few days ago.

SEO is evolving. It is not a question of giving it a new name, but surely – as Chris writes – it is not time for siloed strategies anymore. And those ones who still are attached to the old figure of the SEO professional as a code’s master isolated in his ivory tower… please end the phrase as you like it.

The “Secret” Method Experts Like Perry Marshall Use To Double Or Triple Their Sales Page Conversion Rates

KISSmetric not only provide a great analytic software, but also have one of the best blog around, which does not only presents posts about measure, but also long deep how-to kind of posts and guides.  KISSmetric, then, does also a great social content curation on its Twitter account, sharing great content written by others, so I warmly recommend you to follow it.

This post is especifically about CRO, a discipline which is more and more part of the SEO cycle.

Stop driving clicks to a landing page that asks for a sale, and start driving them to a landing page that asks for an opt-in. Then use an email autoresponder sequence to drive clicks to the original sales page.

That is not something new, but – strange! – that something very few do. The post explain why it should the normal choice for converting users into customers.

Content: A Blessing, A Bubble, A Burden

Maybe this is the best post I’ve read this August until now. The weird thing is that is was posted not in some fancy or respected SEO blog. Nope! It was published on Smashing Magazine. But when it comes to Content online, we must admit that Smashing Magazine is maybe one of the most authoritative sites.

Chris Butler, the author of this post,  talks openly of “Content Bubble” and offer a critical view of the Content hysteria that it is actually pervading the web marketing industry and, we must admit it, the SEO one especially.

Again, Content is necessary, but – maybe because I consider myself first a Content Marketer  then an SEO – I see too many people talking about it as if it was the cheapest and easiest thing to do… and that not only is misleading, but it is a scaring mistake.


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