The futures bright, The futures Bing

The futures bright, The futures Bing

7th December 2010

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A few weeks ago I published a post on Holistic about whether Bing could be a viable alternative to Google – something which came up with some interesting results. Having watched the HTML5 enhanced version, I have to say I am genuinely impressed with some of the usability features they are integrating into the Google search engine. Unlike Google’s rushed and barely thought out implementation of Google Instants, some of the usability features of the HTML 5 enhanced version of Bing appear genuinely well thought out and well implemented.

Technologies within HTML5 have allowed them to integrate some very slick functionality – particularly with the new IE9 technologies – such as the video tag which can be used to change the new homepage. Whilst some people hate the background in Bing, I think both Google and Bing are trying to make their search engines ‘portal-like’ in their own right and social hubs to the rest of the internet. To this effect I think the new Bing framework does hold some significant promise for the future.

Html 5 version of Bing

Increasing use of new technologies within the search real estate would also suggest this is an area which increasingly is getting greater focus from Bing. Increased take up from advertisers and users, can only really be good – and I have often said that what Google really need is some increased competition as I do think there is a certain case of no competition being a dangerous thing. Competition inspires creativity – and at present it would appear that no matter what Google do their brand equity is significantly high enough to keep them ahead of the curve.

Bing therefore cannot be discounted, the increased focus on driving a solid search proposition, the Yahoo Search Alliance, and what would appear to be a solid creative framework in place, I honestly increasingly believe the future could be one where Bing can play an increasingly large part in. In the end for most small- to medium-sized websites it doesn’t matter whether it’s a nurse treating your SEO woes or a doctor, the end result is likely to be the same. But for the really complex and challenging SEO issues, you’ll want a proper doctor at your bedside.

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