The Godfather of IndexTools Mortensen leaves Yahoo

The Godfather of IndexTools Mortensen leaves Yahoo

17th November 2010

Back in the days when Google Analytics wasn’t as powerful as it is now and when there were great alternatives on the market there was one tool which rocked them all: Indextools. Indextools was run by Dennis Mortensen, a webanalytics expert from Denmark. He made the tool big.

Right at the time that Indextools was becoming a serious alternative to Google Analytics Mortensen decided it was time for a drastic change: Indextools was sold to Yahoo. Mortensen went along with Indextools to Yahoo.

At first the excitement was big. Yahoo could really be a good place for Indextools and if “Microhoo” would come through two great tools (Indextools and Gatineau) would be joining forces and would be the biggest best tool out there.

It seems as if things have gone a bit different. We’ve never really heard of Gatineau again and Indextools became Yahoo Analytics, which to be honest is not used in the massive numbers Indextools was hoping for.

In the meantime Mortensen didn’t sit still. He spoke at conferences, wrote a book, rebranded the product and set up a Partner Network. Until yesterday when Mortensen closed the doors of Yahoo, not returning there anymore, at least not as an employee. On his personal blog he announced his departure.

Its one the one hand sad, because I really think that once great tool Indextools is now really doomed. The great stuff which was there will not be ‘guarded’ anymore. On the other hand this could just give Mortensen the freedom to come up with some great new stuff. Good luck Morten!


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