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3 thoughts on “The history of browsers (infographic)

  1. Nice to see that long Opera line. It’s constant, even if not the most popular. And it should be more popular, as it’s a great browser.

  2. Great to see an infographic worth looking at these days. I remember the strange mystery of using Netscape to access meaningless directory listings on some computer in Japan, just because it was possible, the excitement of IE 1 etc etc.

    I’d like to see the standards version of this infographic, based on a fine grained analysis of features and validation! That would be quite a task – I know, because I had did something analogous for an HTML editor I wrote a few years back, which had a range of proprietry and W3C HTML standards built in.

    I followed IE and Netscape very closely for several years: the editor let you mix and match the features and choose which browser(s) you wanted to target. All the menus configured to present the sub or superset you selected. Coding all that was quite tricky as the standards were such a mess! Eventually I sold that editor to Coffee Cup who are still going. I still use my old Agile HTML Editor as it still excels in UI which is pretty incredible! But I digress 🙂

    Thanks for the infographic,

    Mark (in London) (Web Marketing for Small Business)

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