For 2013 The Industry Wishes… (part 1)

For 2013 The Industry Wishes… (part 1)

4th January 2013

Last week we let the industry and the blogging team tell us what their best moments of 2012 were, this week we are looking forward to 2013. And what people wish for. Earlier this week you could be reading what the bloggers were wishing for in 2013, today we are looking at the industry experts. In this first post Becky Naylor, Jon Henshaw, Marcus Tandler, Dennis Goedegebuure, Motoko Hunt, Will Critchlow, Jonathan Allen, Roy Huiskes, Alex Moss, Andre Scholten, Greg Jarboe, Barry Schwartz, and Julie Joyce.

Becky Naylor – Owner & Director of Bronco

“We are hoping for another solid year for Bronco in 2013 as we enter our 10th year, a whole decade of business behind us. We will be moving into our new building, which will be completed towards the end of January, and that will allow us to strive forward. In terms of a wish for Search and Social that’s a tough one, as we can only expect more updates from Google that will continue to rock the industry but we’ll be prepared for it and carry on what we do best, which is to stay ahead.

On a side note, my other small personal wish is that when I finally make my speaking debut at a conference this year I just hope it goes to plan!”

Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Raven Tools

“I would like to see Google make more of their data available via APIs. In particular, I’d like to see the Google+ management API become more widely available. I would also like them to make more of their Google Webmaster Tools data available, especially the average position data. With all of the SERP changes I expect Google to make in 2013, I predict that average position will be the only data with any degree of accuracy in regards to overall position and performance.”

Marcus Tandler, Partner at Tandler.Doerje.Partner

“I hope that in 2013 we´ll be able to offer in other countries and different languages – that´s definetly my wish for 2013 :-). “

Dennis Goedegebuure, Head of Global SEO at Airbnb

“Obviously, I wish everybody a healthy and peaceful 2013 with all the luck in the world. Having a 3rd baby will probably be a challenge for me and my wife, given we don’t have a lot of family living close by. This means I will be traveling less, attend less conferences and focus more on the time with my loved ones and the new job, at Airbnb.

At that last point, as Airbnb is well positioned to WOW people with the product, I wish there will be another clean up in the search rankings with regards to short term manipulation and SEO tricks. With a product like the Airbnb Neighborhoods, we should gain some great visibility in the search engines on local queries. As Laura just tweeted last weekThe best SEO is a product that doesn’t suck. Otherwise it’s just manipulation.

Motoko Hunt, President – Search Marketing Strategist at

“The engines, social media sites, and other publishers need to come up with the better products for the advertisers to effectively reach their market. They continue to preach to the advertisers to “optimize” their ads and campaigns, but the limitations are in how their ad products function, and their willingness to share the data with the advertisers.”

Will Critchlow, Global Associate at SEOmoz, Founder at Distilled

“Controversially, I really want G+ to succeed. I love the platform, I want my friends on there and since we use it heavily internally at Distilled for internal comms I want Google to invest in the right areas to make it even more useful to me and my company. I know some people will hate that opinion (not everyone at Distilled even agrees with me on this one).”

Jonathan Allen, Director, at Incisive Media

“For 2013 I hope to see clients and agencies start to proactively collaborate on solving the rapidly diminishing keyword problem! Can we not sell our keyword data to each other? How much do I risk losing if another company knows what keywords reach my site? Is there not some benefit in us all sharing our data, albeit within a closed group? Could SEMPO intervene? I don’t have the answers but these are the things I’m thinking about.

I’d also like to see Google sort out it’s Tax avoidance which although is perfectly legal and ethical in the eyes of the financial markets, doesn’t live up to Google’s standards. I’m not a financial expert, so I may be way off the mark, but my impression is that much of the money that each country individually generates for Google doesn’t seem to get re-invested back into that country’s economy.”

Roy Huiskes, Online Marketer at

“The hope for 2013 is that Bing actually starts working in Holland and in general gets more marketshare. Since the API matters with scraping data we get more and more depend on the data that Google releases and also tries to choke us with. The dependency stranglehold, I hope ends in 2013. Google+ should actually take of, since the importance of G+ is not something we can deny, but is also a hard sell for our clients (and ourself as well). Further more I hope for more a decent star wars movie (or is that 2014?) and world peace.”

Alex Moss, Co-Founder / Technical Director, 3 Door Digital

“My wish for 2013 is to be able to master the integration between web and mobile. Mobile use is increasing beyond anyone’s predictions and it’s only a matter of time that mobile optimisation is considered the norm in online marketing. Responsive design is going to lead the way for digital agencies to adapt this into their clients’ strategies and if by December 2013 it isn’t at the forefront of anyone’s mind then they should think of something else to do.”

Andre Scholten, Google Analytics, Site speed and SEO specialist at Andre Scholten

“For 2013 I wish the cookie-law stuff is settled: webanalists don’t have to fear for huge losses of data and marketers have complete reliable insights. Another wish for 2013 (as it also was for the last 10 years) is that webdevelopers care more about their clients expensive online popularity, so they won’t throw it away with the launch of a new site. A phonecall to a SEO today, will make your worries for tomorrow go away ;)”

Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder, SEO-PR

“In 2013, I wish everyone in the Search & Social industry learns to become optimized and engaging storytellers. I didn’t realize that this is what I’d become until 2009, when the first edition of my book was published. First, Bryan Eisenberg said, “What makes YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day a must-read is Greg’s storytelling abilities.” Then, Lee Odden added, “‘Master Story Teller’, that’s how I would describe Greg Jarboe, someone I’ve known in the internet marketing and PR world for several years.” That’s when it hit me. Optimizing phrases might get prospects to visit a page on your website, but engaging stories were more effective at converting them into customers.”

Barry Schwartz, News Editor at Search Engine Land, Executive Editor at Search Engine Roundtable

“Every year I hope for the SEO industry to get a better reputation. The education is out there, the good people and good companies are out there but there are a few in the many that make us stand out as bad. Just my wish for 2013, for the SEO industry to be looked at as a legit and professional industry.”

Julie Joyce, Owner and Director of Operations at Link Fish Media and Str0ud

“For 2013, I wish that Google could find a way to roll out updates without cranking them out then dialing them back a little. I wish they would lift penalties sooner for people who have cleaned up all the stuff that triggered the penalty, and not make people wait half a year to see better rankings when they can clean things up in a month. I wish that Duck Duck Go would get more exposure and that we’d see smaller search engines popping up. I wish that all these incompetent SEOs would stop preying on people with small budgets and that they’d stop hiding what they do from the clients. I wish that clients would ask more questions about what their SEOs are doing and why, before it’s too late.”

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