The power of split testing – Conversion Conference London

The power of split testing – Conversion Conference London

1st November 2010

Frank Overbeek from Sitespect started with a case study on is the world’s largest Vegas city destination website, sells everything “Vegas”. They faced a dilemma on what to do with mobile. According to Pew research 38% of the US market use a mobile to access the internet. Comscore research pins this as 53% of users in the EU. 7% of traffic was from mobile with an increase in bounce rate of 50%.
Their actions were to start small:

They focused on key content, home page, top level category page and hotel room search tool. They used an ‘appliance’ and skinned these pages for mobile.

• Bounce rate dropped by 22%
• 16% higher page views
• Double digit lift in conversion rate

Key takeaways
• Mobile is here you need to work with it
• Evaluate whether you should target it specifically based on usage
• Start small and grow bigger

Wayne Morris from Maxymiser
There’s only 1 group of people that should determine your content, your customers. Start with the lowest hanging fruit, identify the biggest leaks and biggest opportunities. Once found identifying what you should test is a specialised area so find someone that has this expertise.

• Use analytics
• Benchmark your funnel against that of competitors or industry standards
• Don’t be too over ambitious
• Begin with AB testing before graduating to MVT and personalisation
• Have clear goals and objectives before every test
• Make sure you have a detailed roadmap
• Be bold
• Measure to bottom line
• Work with a partner that has relevant expertise

Steven Pavlovich – Conversion Factory – How we doubled crazyegg.coms conversion in 3 months

Crazy egg is a great heatmapping tool that delivers click tracking. They are an experienced analytics company, they are already surveying visitors, tresting free trials etc.

Steps to follow:
1) Research and Analysis
2) Solutions
3) Development
4) Tests
5) Review

Funnel Analysis Test

Crazyegg used a basic funnel that consisted of home page, plans and services, upsell and Billing. The major drop off was at home and plans page. They used Kissinsights to identify why they were not converting. They identified that people were unsure about what they do. They also used retargeting for partial registrations to ask people why they dropped out and from that they were unsure of what the benefits were.

They redesigned the home page highlighting trust associations by highlighting key customers in this case Amazon, eBay and Dell. It also identified ways of using the tool and highlighted missed opportunities as a key point to using crazyegg. They built up the testimonials from key customers.

They developed the home page with an 80% improvement delivered.
Overall the conversion rate has increased by over 100% in the last 3 months.

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