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2 thoughts on “The Rise of Shopping Cart Abandonment

  1. 25% Item costs more than expected
    44% Expensive shipping costs
    27% Wanted to shop around
    Does the above stats include shoppers who put an item in the cart just to see the item price? The company at which I am employed is part of CART Alliance. The membership includes agreements between retailers and manufacturers that the retailer will not “advertise” certain products below the MSRP. This means that can promote to consumers that they have the “lowest price of the season” on this or that automobile accessory but the consumer can not actually see what that low price is until she puts the item in her cart. Price plays a huge part in the decision to buy for many levels of the market. By obscuring the actual cost of the item retailers are forcing consumers to put items into their cart before the buying decision has really been made. In cases like this cart abandonment is not a surprise.

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