The Sacrifices We Make for Social Media: Real-Life, Sleep and Sex

An average UK adult will spend 2 years and four months on social networking sites over their lifetime. Women will spend a lot more time social networking than men: 60 minutes per day vs. 48. That is a lot. Where do we get the time?

It means we have to make sacrifices, leave other things out. But what sacrifices are we all making to make room for social media? Browsermedia decided to take a look. And came up with some surprising sacrifices: real-life socialising (14%), sleep (10%) and even sex (8%) suffer.

Take a look at the info graphic below for a full view.


via Browsermedia

Bas van den Beld

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One thought on “The Sacrifices We Make for Social Media: Real-Life, Sleep and Sex

  1. I am quite surprised by a few of these figures, especially the fact that those aged 55-64 might give up ‘real-life’ activities for social media, thought I suspect the large majority of ‘real-life’ activites given up by all age groups will fall under the ‘chores’ category! Great infographic, thanks!

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