Think Visibility Roundup – TV9 – March 2013

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Another super weekender in Leeds in the form of Think Visibility 9.

Celebrating Birthday #5, this March’s Thinkvis seemed to be held on every floor of the Alea Casino and I seem to have made more friends than ever… which means I also have more incriminating photos than ever ūüôā (you know who you are).

Without further ado – here is the roundup of the path I chose for the day with additional slides for sessions in the other rooms.

The talks I attended:

  • Swerving the Guest Blogging Smackdown¬†‚ÄstJames Agate
  • Attribution is not only about sales and money¬†‚ÄstRussell McAthy
  • How to spot a shitty link¬†‚ÄstPaul Madden
  • Content Outreach & Engagement: Staying Ahead of The Game¬†‚ÄstPak Hou Cheung
  • Social Media Strategy – Looking beyond the Bull Sh*t and understanding the tools and channels that actually work for your target market¬†‚ÄstKristal Ireland
  • Maximising Your SERP Potential – Enhancing Your Listings & Having Fun with Rich Snippets¬†‚ÄstPete Handley

Session 1: Swerving the Guest Blogging Smackdown –¬†James Agate¬†of¬†SkyRocket

If you want to know how to make guest blogging, useful and future proof for Google Updates this was the session for you.


  1. Identify Common Footprints & Manage/Avoid them
  2. Don’t rely on Guest Blogging only
  3. Be selective and avoid sites with all guest posts
  4. Steer clear of publishers who charge
  5. Avoid Ad heavy, spun, duplicate, and scraped content
  6. Avoid double dipping with author references
  7. Look for Standard, Quality and Relevance, and of course signs of integrity
  8. Diversify, think about your footprint before scaling

Slides are now up on Slideshare:

Session 2: Attribution is not only about sales and money РRussell McAthy РStream 20

Killer Content from Russell McAthy. Attribution is indeed a complicated animal and many find it difficult to make sense of the impact of multiple marketing efforts.

Russell looked at what to optimise for, how to understand the offline impact of online digital marketing, cross channel analytics, last click vs first click and different models.

Driving Factors include:

  • Sequence / order/ location /touchpoints
  • Time between touchpoints
  • Impact of individual channels on purchase
  • Impression relations – what is the impact on future visits
  • Insight and Customer Knowledge

Helpfully, the many slides of information are contained within this slideshare!

Session 3: How to spot a shitty link РPaul Madden РAutomica / Manual Link Building

As always an amusing look at the latest Google penalities and what you can do about it Рthis session was covered at SES so instead of writing some of that frowned upon duplicate content Рread the session overview here:

Session 4: Content Outreach & Engagement: Staying Ahead of The Game¬†–¬†Pak Hou Cheung¬†–¬†BlueGlass

Google Guidelines state that they want you to ‘give visitors the information that they are looking for’. and that you must ‘Provide high-quality content on your pages’. Enter the ‘Page Metric Rank’ Signals galore, citations, co-citations, and creating a scalable content strategy. With over 100 slides, and a passionate presentation that totally livened up the afternoon, I suggest you check out the whole talk below:

Session 5: Social Media Strategy РLooking beyond the Bull Sh*t and understanding the tools and channels that actually work for your target market. РKristal IrelandEnjoy Digital

kristal-irelandWow – this lady has a lot of knowledge! Years of experience in a 45 minute slot with a load of great case studies regarding how NOT to do social media. There is no point embarking on a Social Media Strategy unless you have a purpose and unless you investigate which channels are appropriate, more importantly which channels work for your brand.

Stop flooding the internet with content and start thinking about what people actual want to read.

As Kristal says:

when the kids are leaving Facebook because it’s too commercial, you know you need to listen

(slideshare to follow shortly)

Session 6: Maximising Your SERP Potential РEnhancing Your Listings & Having Fun with Rich Snippets РPete HandleyThe Media Flow

pete-handleyUsually by the last session, people are tired and waiting for the bar to open, but this talk won the talk of the day as awarded by everyone attending the session – well done Pete.

The session was so interesting and informative, that I am writing about Schema for my official SoS Post. As such, here are the slides from Pete – I will update this post with the link to the full overview later on today.

Slides from Talks I missed:

Think Visibility March 2013 Bronco from Becky Naylor

Other ThinkVis 9 Roundups (featuring a picture of ME! :))


As always – an awesome photoset from @sk8geek –¬†

Think Visability Photos on G+

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  1. More and more people are running for guest blogging, link building etc. But people are forgetting to build up their brand. SEO or PPC they just drive traffic to website. But most of the conversion are failed as it won’t generate potential leads. For example does Apple, Coca Cola or Microsoft needs organic traffic etc. They have an brand value which is most important now.

    Work on your branding such as logo, website branding and presentation proposal branding: – Apart from being active on social media and post at least 14 times or more in a day. Create viral content and share it and let your connection share it. This will always help you in growing as a brand.

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