ThinkVisibility 7 Announced: “Outsourcing for Cheap Bastards”

ThinkVisibility 7 Announced: “Outsourcing for Cheap Bastards”

6th January 2012

March 3rd will be the day a big part of the UK SEO crowd will meet up in Leeds again for the first of two Thinkvisibility events for 2012. The conference, organized by our good friend Dom Hodgson and his team, is already up to its 7th edition.

On the website, where starting this weekend the tickets can be bought, the show is announced to be an “event with some surprises”. It sure is and we can let you in on one of those surprises now: a very special session which has the working title of “outsourcing for cheap bastards”.

For the session Dan McGuire, Technical Director of Carnival Creative, yes, Jackie Hole’s company, will get a budget of £100 to get a site researched, designed, built, content written, up and running using the services of fiver.

The next £100 he will get will have to be used to get the site ranking using link building, social media and other promotion techniques to get some conversions.

Dan is looking forward to the session:

“I’m curious just how far you can make a budget stretch in these financially hard times and although a website for under £100 may be a bit extreme for real life situations I’m hoping I might find a few great ideas that may help someone in the future save a bit of money.”

In his session he will be detailing what he did, why he did it and if it worked at all. Talk about a true case session right there!

Thinkvisibility will see more interesting sessions. We can already confirm that a few of our bloggers will be speaking there: Barry Adams, Carla Marshall and our newest recruit Jon Quinton for example.

Be sure to check out the site and get your tickets and make sure you stick around, because I was told the Sunday might see something awesome too. The term “gokarting tournament” was dropped there…


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