Tools News Update: Updates, changes and additions to different SEO Tools

Tools News Update: Updates, changes and additions to different SEO Tools

4th March 2013

[adrotate block=”5″] With the Tools Week now under way we thought it would be a nice idea to do a quick round up on some of the news around several tools in SEO in the last few months. Find below an overview of news from amongst others Majestic SEO, Linkdex, Linkresearchtools, Raventools, Searchmetrics, Ahrefs and Cognitive SEO. Let’s get started!

Majestic SEO launches URL submitter and many new languages

We covered the news last Friday, but a reminder is never a bad thing: Majestic SEO is now available in many different languages. They added 9 more languages last week: French, German,Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish. More here

Majestic ads New URL Submitter

Also announced last week from Majestic SEO: They changed the URL Submitter so you can now submit up to 100 URLs per day without charge. More here

Linkdex Opens New York Office

Linkdex is expanding. The London based tool now also has offices in New York City. And not just any office, right next to Grand Central. Impressive! More here

Raven Tools announces Site Auditor

US based Raven Tools has had some busy times. Two weeks ago they announced another new feature on their tool: Site Auditor. According to Raven Tools it is “the easiest and most advanced web-based website crawler for improving site performance”. It runs automatically and reports on site issues using clear labels and explanations. More here

Email enhancements and more for Raven Tools

Before the Site Auditor Raven Tools had announced several other new features including several email enhancements. They added Constant Contact and Emma to their data partners and pulled existing partner AWeber into the email section. It also added Google Analytics data for e-mails, added Finder upgrades and more research options for Research Central. Lots of changes! More here

Linkresearchtools ads Google Disavow Support

Linkresearchtools has announced it has integrated two additional upload functions. This makes it possible to upload your analyzed and/or ignored links, and exclude them from all your future reports. More here

Analytics SEO releases version 5.05

A month ago Analytics SEO announced the release of version 5.05. The update includes a number of features like Google support for different countries in keyword rank checks, the ability to draw in backdated GA data when requested by a customer, reinstate cancelled subscriptions and a security update to their Drupal core. More here

Searchmetrics acquires W3 Solutions

Searchmetrics has completed the acquisition of German search engine technology specialist, W3 Solutions, highly scalable SiteSearch search engine, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of Searchmetrics Inc. The move allows Searchmetrics to expand its range of products and services. More here

1st Searchmetrics Suite release of 2013

Early January Searchmetrics already announced the first suite release of 2013. Several new features were added: Project section, with universal rankings, tags have visibility and an addition to position spread. There are also new changes in the Traffic section (expanded traffic charts) and the Optimization section (export all errors of the created project). More here

Ahrefs increases number of SEO Reports

Ahrefs has announced it has increased the number of SEO Reports in the subscription plan: Professional now has 60, Elite 100, Enterprise 150. More

Cognitive SEO now allowing tagging and tag filtering

Cognitive SEO announced an update that ‘extends the overall functionality of the cognitiveSEO toolset’: they are now allowing allowing tagging and tag filtering. More here

Cognitive SEO announces Visual Link Explorer

Before that Cognitive SEO announced “Visual Link Explorer”, an easy way to visualize a site’s link profile. The New Visual Link Explorer creates link graphs on the flybased on the backlinks of the analyzed site. More here

Automica and Manual Link Building Merge

Finally some news we already reported on: Paul Madden’s Automica merges with Gareth Hoyle’s Manual Link Building. More here [adrotate block=”5″]


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