SEO & Beyond: Tools of the Trade – #SMXSydney #SEOTools

SEO & Beyond: Tools of the Trade – #SMXSydney #SEOTools

28th May 2014

smxThroughout SMX Sydney, speakers have been sharing their favourite tools they use to undertake a whole host of tasks across SEO and beyond. Here we round up the best of these tools and present them to you in one simple list. Go forth and tool up State of Digital’ers!

1. Tools to Help You Get Out of That Manual Penalty/Penguin Smackdown

Shah Menz presented on how best to react when faced with a link-related penalty at the start of Day 2, and shared a couple of these tool gems from her personal stash. Nice to see some Australian home-grown tool talent in there. I personally haven’t used a couple of these before so also keen to hear any feedback. Drop a note in the comments with your thoughts!

  • SWAT GWMT Exporter – allows you to download your Google Webmaster Tools Data from all your sites, all in one go
  • SWAT Backlink Checker – combines backlink data from a variety of sources including WMT, Majestic, Raven, OSE and more.

NB. Both of these tools are both by Adelaide-based SEO Tony McCreath.

  • – allows you to compare your disavow list against others to see if those links have been disavowed by others, and how many times
  • SEO Backlink Checker 1.3 – adds all anchor text of links into the mix alongside other tools

2. Tools for a Post-Hummingbird world

These were included as part of our Hummingbird roundup following Cyrus Shepard’s talk but it’s such a fundamental change to the way we undertake content research and planning that it felt wrong to also not include them as an overall tool round-up.

Tools for Better Understanding The All-Important Concepts & Connections:

Tools to help implement schema:

3. Tools to Help You Better Communicate & Project Manage

Improved communication with both internal and external stakeholders has been a running theme throughout the conference. The key is having a clear setup from Day 1, with regular, scheduled deadlines that are maintained. Below are some of the most popular and helpful tools to help you make sure everyone is on board, and happy.  I personally use Trello and would highly recommend everyone have it in their life.

4. Super Quick Top Excel Tips

John Gagnon from Bing gave us some super easy, super helpful top productive tips to speed up your daily excel life. Simple. Effective. 

  • ALT with = AUTO SUM (no more clicking!)
  • Double click Format Painter to enable it for multiple uses rather than having to go back to it every time you want to format a new cell
  • Use Insert Calculated Field, this allows you to put a formula into a calculated field and fix (e.g. change error to 0)

Also check out the 100 Top Tips on Excel from one of John’s recommended site – or find him on Twitter at @r1c1. If you have a Office 2013 on a PC, also check out Power Maps.



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