Tools To Optimize Your Site with Bryan Eisenberg

Tools To Optimize Your Site with Bryan Eisenberg

19th January 2012

Last year at SMX Stockholm we talked to Bryan Eisenberg who had just launched his new website “Websitetestingtools – The Online Marketers Toolbox”. The website came forth from personal interest, it doesn’t have a commercial purpose. On the site he calls himself a ‘marketing tool junkie’, and with reason, because he has highlighted over a hundred tools on the site and plans to highlight several more. He describes them, rates them and categorizes them. A great resource. In cooperation with Bryan we will now be highlighting several tools which he has ‘reviewed’ on his site every month. And we will ask you to give Bryan some tips on tools he should add to his site and off course we want your opinion on the tools! So today we start with some random tools from the site which might be handy for you to use!

Citation Labs Link Building Suite

A few tools from Citation Labs for outbound linkbuilding: Outbound Scraper and Contact Finder. Simply enter the URL of the page you want to scrape, give the job a title and scrape! Full description Website

The Search Monitor

The Search Monitor have several tools including another great search engine competitive intelligence tool. Full description Website 

Inbound Writer

InboundWriter lets you discover what your target audience is interested in today. They look at what words people are using when searching for content or while sharing content through social media. Full description Website 


A social media profile availability tool. Knowem searches over 550 social media sites, 120+ domain name databases and the entire USPTO database to see if you brand-name is available. Full description Website url 


Wirify is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe. Click on the bookmarklet and you have the wireframe of your favorite website right there. Full description Website url  Here’s a video to give you an idea

Facebook Competitive Analysis by SimplyMeasured

Enter up to 5 Facebook Fan Pages to compare your competitors in a free FaceBook Fan Page benchmark report. Full description Website url 


Creates insights on a website in minutes. You get a full report and can even make different kind of reports for different purposes. Full description Website url 


Allows three types of tests that you can perform on your page: the “Fivesecondtest”, “Navflow” and “Clicktest”. Create a screenshot of your web page and put it into a .jpg or other image file format and upload it to ClickTest. Full description Website url  So, anybody using these tools? What is your verdict? And what tool do you think should be added?


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