Tools Week on State of Search

Tools Week on State of Search

25th February 2013

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After the enormous success of the event week here on State of Search the next themed week is already getting close. Next week, in the first week of March, State of Search will host a week completely dedicated to a topic which is close to many of our readers: SEO Tools.

We will be taking an extensive look at tools and SEO and will be showcasing some tools as well. This week is meant to get you informed on everything around tools: which tools are there, what are others using, what do you need in a tool and which tool to choose and where possible how-to’s. And we will be hosting some very special hangouts where tools will demo the best of what they got!

What will we be doing?

Like in the event week we will have many things going on in this week. Here are a couple of things you can expect:

Demo Hangouts

We have done hangouts before, but these ones are going to be special: every day of the week different tools will be presenting the best of their products in a Google hangout. They will do a live demo in which they will demo the products highlights and will answer questions from you which you can ask via Twitter, Facebook or through the website this week. So far we know that the tools Majestic SEO, Searchmetrics, Linkresearchtools will take part in the hangouts and other tools like Linkdex, SEOClarity and Brightedge potentially as well. More might be announced this week.

A discussion hangout

We will have some `tools experts` together in a `regular` hangout talking about tools: what is missing, how are they using it?

Posts about tools

Off course all of our blogging will be focussed on the topic of tools. Amongst others, articles around the following topics can be expected:
– A look at why tools are important in SEO
– The changing landscape of tools, a look at how tools are adapting to the changing world of SEO
– What tools are the State of Search bloggers using and why. Several State of Search bloggers will tell us what tools they are using and why
– What tools is the industry is using and why. We will ask around in the industry to tell us what tools they are using and why
– Things to consider when selecting a tool

And more

And this is just a part of the things which we will be doing. We will off course have a special page again where all things will come together and we will be comparing the tools and there might be some surprises for you too…

How can you be a part of this? Ask and Post!

We off course don`t want to claim we know everything ourselves since we know that the State of Search audience is a very knowledgeable audience when it comes to tools so we want your input! How can you have your say? We will be asking you some questions throughout the week, like what tools you are using and how you make your decisions and you can off course comment but if you feel you have something to say, here is your chance to be on State of Search!

We are offering readers the chance to be part of this by sending in a guest post which might be published on State of Search. The post should be around how you use tools for SEO and maybe what your wishes are when it comes to tools. The guest post must meet the following requirements to be eligible for publishing:

– around 500 words
– topic has to be about how you use SEO tools
– links will be no-followed, so don`t go throwing around links
– it has to be a non-commercial post

Want to join in? Upload the post here.

Have a question for a tool? Ask the question here.

If you have a tool and you want to be part of this week get in touch with us.

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