Top 10 Posts of One Year State of Digital

Top 10 Posts of One Year State of Digital

17th September 2014


Today is our birthday! Last year on September 17, we re-branded to State of Digital, having been State of Search for several years. Today we are celebrating our anniversary. If you want to know again why, do look at the concept ideas we had last year. Today we will be looking back and forward. To great content which was and great content to come.

Let’s start with looking back a little. One year means plenty of great articles! Here are the 10 best performing artciles of one year State of Digital!

7 Alerts to Monitor your SEO Process Opportunities & Issues

How do you keep up to date with the most important issues and opportunities during the SEO process? It’s time to set your SEO process alerts! Aleyda Solis tells you what and how.

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Why Google is broken and the Search Quality Team does nothing to fix it

Google is broken, at least it is in its regional versions. In fact, not all the updates rolled out in and English were rolled out outside of it. The lack of an EMD update, for example, is obviously the cause of many very low quality SERPs. But even Hummingbird is causing quality problems that Google probably had not foreseen. Gianluca Fiorelli explains

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7 Must-Check Factors when doing SEO for International Sites

Learn about the most fundamental factors to take into consideration when you’re doing an SEO audit for a Website with International Web presence. Again by Aleyda Solis!

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Your Instagram is not as Private as You Think

Even though your Instagram settings are set to `private`, there still is a chance others will see your photos, you have to be aware of who can see and share. Bas van den Beld shows you.

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Do You Have the Right To Be Forgotten?

The Right To Be Forgotten brings up Privacy Issues – Jackie Hole Discusses the removal of history from internet archives and reasons why we may want to have the right to remember.

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18 Tools for Conversion Rate Optimisation

Paddy Moogan has compiled a massive list of 18 tools you can use to optimise conversions and generate more leads and revenue from your website visitors.

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The End of Exact Match Keywords: What Does It All Mean?

Google announced that exact match keywords are changing and we look at how this will affect advertisers. Sam Noble explains what it all means for you.

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How can you track competitors PPC spend?

Businesses are always keen to know how much their competitors are spending, especially on PPC campaigns. Polly Pospelova looks at a few research options.

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Top resources for learning UX Design

Embedding UX in to the foundation of technology is essential. Here are some great resources to get started with learning UX and appreciating its value. Provided to you by Barry Adams.

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The complete guide to Transmedia Storytelling

Every day in our Feedly or Twitter or Facebook or G+ appears a post about how to create relevant content for our website but how do your content noticed in a multi device world? Gianluca Fiorelli takes you on a Transmedia journey.

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