Top 5 Must Haves on a Small PPC Campaign Budget – Part 2

Top 5 Must Haves on a Small PPC Campaign Budget – Part 2

1st April 2014

Following on from the first list of top 5 must have’s on a small PPC campaign budget I have prepared a list of the next 5 tips that will help you improve campaigns even with if the budget is small.

I recommend using a great time saving tool called Google’s AdWords Editor. This tools allows you to quickly make multiple changes in your AdWords account, view statistics for all campaigns or a subset of campaigns or perform quick account audits using fast keywords filtering.

The following tasks can be performed with Google AdWords Editor in a matter of minutes.

1. Increase CTR

Use the Advanced Search function to find a list of keywords that get lots of impressions but no clicks during any period of time.

Increase CTR

This tactic helps to identify which keywords need to be paused or looked at in more detail.

2. Decrease average CPC

Use the Advanced Search function to find a list of keywords that achieve low CTR (less than 1%), bring no conversions with unsatisfactory average cost per click.

Decrease average CPC

Perform this check at least every week or every month and this tactic will help you cut costs and move the budget to better converting keywords.

3. Increase conversion rate

The next important check to perform is for keywords with high costs but no conversions. Run this check for any time range and pause ineffective keywords or change bids.

Increase conversion rate

4. Leverage custom filters

Create custom filters for each one of your targets, for example:

  • Increase traffic
  • Increase/decrease average position
  • Decrease average CPC

and use them every time you look at the account.

5. Start with exact match

With low budget it is important to focus on long tail keywords and phrases, and exact match keywords. These keywords are more targeted and less volumetric than broad match which helps to decrease costs and attract only the most relevant users. Of course if you have broad match keywords with high conversion rates you should keep them. Use your instinct to help you make commercially viable decisions.

If your campaign budget is limited, it will pay off to start using Exact match keywords and gradually expanding to other match types of the most effective keywords. This tactic will help you avoid irrelevant traffic and stay on budget.

Everyone has a different way of managing AdWords accounts so I am sure some of you will have a different order of priorities or set of tools and tactics.There are many things you can do to increase your reach and conversion and lower your costs, but most of them take time and are often not viable on a small budget.

If you have other tips or ideas – feel free to feedback, comment and share.


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Polly Pospelova is a passionate online marketing professional who thrives on delivering unique value-driven search solutions. As well as managing Delete agency’s natural and paid search teams, Polly works closely with both technical developers and UX specialists to maximise customer experience, customer engagement and conversions.
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