Top 3 Scripts for Adwords Account Automation

Top 3 Scripts for Adwords Account Automation

8th April 2014

Last post we looked at crunching Adwords Data in pivot tables, this month we take a look at saving time and effort using Adwords Scripts.

Used effectively, Adwords Scripts are a great way save time, keep an eye on certain metrics and automate account features so here are my 3 most used scripts available online to help you monitor and optimise your account.

What are Adwords Scripts?

AdWords scripts are essentially snippets of  JavaScript code, allowing you to run automated tasks such as changing bids using scripts instead of manually doing so in your account interface.  Although it is useful to understand code and have the ability to write, there are a number of free resources online where you can cut and paste code and simply press ‘run’.

Where Are They?

All Adwords Scripts are located in the ‘Bulk Operations’ tab which is found underneath the campaigns list:


Navigate your way to ‘Create and Manage Scripts’


Creating your First Adwords Script

Clicking on the ‘+ Script’ button at the top of the page opens the script window. This is where you will cut and paste, preview and run your Adwords Scripts.


Useful Adwords Scripts

1. Quality Score Tracker

An absolute staple in my Adwords scripting library – keeping track of Quality Score metrics. The Adwords system unfortunately does not show Quality Score comparisons when you run a standard account but if you run a simple script as you start an Adwords campaign or any Adwords improvements, you can keep a running total of improvements.

Not the simplest Script to set up at first glance, but actually pretty simple. This script from Martin Roettgerding at PPC Epiphany, uses labels within scripts to keep a track of your QS. Simply label your keywords, run the script and BINGO a QS tracker.


2. Broken URLs

I heard only yesterday of an account that had been inherited where several tens of thousands of dollars had been spent on page with broken links and NO ONE HAD NOTICED!!!! Obviously the client was not best pleased and not all Ads had been stopped.

How that is even possible, I am not sure, but if you work with a fast changing product site and want to make sure that you are always sending traffic to a live and relevant page – this broken link script is for you!


3. Keyword Performance Reports

If you want to  know how your keywords are performing, the Ad Performance Report generates a Google Spreadsheet with a number of charts.

A new Keyword Performance report gets created whenever the script executes. To use this script visit the Google Developer Blog


Top Resources

If you know a handy JavaScript developer then you will have no problems creating and managing super whizzy intelligent scripts. If you don’t then there are a number of free resources where you can cut and paste code directly into your own account.


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