Top Viral Videos of 2013
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Top Viral Videos of 2013

10th January 2014

‘Get me one of those viral videos’ is a sentence which is heard in many offices. Usually it comes from someone not in the marketing department who ‘saw this awesome video on YouTube’ and thinks ‘now we need one as well’. The problem is: you can’t order a “viral”. Or can you? It turns out that many videos that go viral are actually orchestrated. So maybe it is worth looking at other videos? It might be, as long as you don’t copy them…

This infographic shows the most successful videos of 2013 when it comes to going viral. An infographic produced by Umetric in association with Shorty Awards. Analyse and learn, not copy.




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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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