Tracy Falke, John Marshall and Kristjan Hauksson talk at SES New York 2010

Tracy Falke, John Marshall and Kristjan Hauksson talk at SES New York 2010

8th April 2010

At SES New York I got to talk to a couple of speakers who all had interesting sessions at the conference. Every single one of them had a different angle on search and social media.

I talked to Tracy Falke, John Marshall and Kristjan Mar Hauksson about their talks, their jobs and what keeps them busy. Find the videos below.

Tracy Falke

Tracy Falke runs Content, SEO, SEM, and Social for Freestyle Interactive, one of the largest full service creative digital agencies in the UK. She also works with their Art Directors to conceive, execute and manage CRM (or social CRM campaigns, and sometimes even invent technical solutions, though she can’t code!

At SES she talked amongst other things about automating Twitter in a much discussed session. After the session I talked to her:

John Marshall

I first talked to John Marshall at SES London and ran into him again at the Market Motive’s booth at SES New York.

John Marshall is Market Motive‘s CTO and visionary for curriculum, teaching, and technical strategy. Previously, John was the founder and CEO of ClickTracks, inventor of the patented “overlay report,” and was instrumental in introducing ad hoc segmentation technology into the web analytics market.

John tells all about what Market Motive does and gives us a little bit of an insight in his talk. Listen carefully because the noice of the

Kristjan Mar Hauksson

Kristjan Mar Hauksson is actually, next to Mike Grehan, one of the first SEOs I ever heard speak at a conference and it wasn’t even a search conference.

Kristjan Mar Hauksson is the Founder and Director of Search & Online Communications at Nordic eMarketing. The company specialises in multilingual online communications, organic search engine optimisation and marketing through several verticals such as tourism, finance, government and pharmaceuticals. Nordic eMarketing assists companies to gain international visibility online and to use the Internet as a communication channel, as well as providing consultation in web content management systems and analytics solutions.

Kristjan comes from Iceland which has had a rocky period but that doesn’t affect his mindset, he is happy as ever. He tells us about the talk he did and the conference he organized himself recently.


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