60.000 Twitter Accounts & Passwords (Many Duplicates) Published on Pastebin

60.000 Twitter Accounts & Passwords (Many Duplicates) Published on Pastebin

9th May 2012

Twitter is looking into a possible hack on their systems when last Monday almost 60.000 Twitter accounts were published on Pastebin, a site which is usually used to share code between coders, but is often used by hackers to share stolen data.

It seems as if many (almost half so far) of these accounts were either Twitter bots, spam or duplicates. So far it is not sure if any ‘real’ accounts were published. According to Twitter many of the passwords are also not correct or not connected to the right names. Still, a list of almost 60.000 accounts with passwords showing up without a trace of who posted them is worrying.

The accounts were published on Pastebin by “A Guest” this Monday and took up four pages. The first page (2, 3, 4 and 5 here) at this time as already been viewed at over 217.000 times. The lists are also downloadable from Pastebin.

Twitter has responded to the matter explaining that many of the accounts were spam accounts and that they have asked some users to reset their passwords.

If you are worried about being on the list the best thing you can do is changing your password. It is not a bad idea anyway to change your password on a regular basis.

Was your account on there or did you get an e-mail from Twitter asking to reset your password? Let us know!


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