Twitter Grows Faster Than Facebook

Twitter Grows Faster Than Facebook

5th March 2012

We recently saw that when it comes to the time spent on social networks Facebook wins. Where Google+ only could ‘grab’ people for an average of 3 minutes, Facebook had users clicking around for six to seven hours. Twitter in that list had 21 minutes, so was way behind Facebook.

Average time spent is an interesting metric, like other metrics it should be taken with the necessary criticism. It should be seen in the light of active users, not number of users and the numbers from Comscore last week didn’t show the mobile users for example.

New numbers can be seen in that light. eMarketer reports that, in the US, Twitter is growing more rapidly than Facebook.

eMarketer says Twitter saw a growth of 31.9% in 2011, which is more than in 2010, where they saw a 23.5% growth. Facebook on the contrary went from a 38.6% growth in 2010 to a 13.4% growth in 2011. The expectation is that the numbers will continue to decline in the next few years.

These numbers also have to be seen in the right contrast. Twitter’s growth is stronger, but Twitters numbers are smaller, which makes it ‘easier’ to show a bigger growth.

What is more interesting to see is that the numbers show that growth is expected to be steadying up. Where in 2010 Twitter ‘outgrew’ Facebook, and even saw a rise in the growth number, the expectation is that both Facebook and Twitter will be steadying their growth number. Twitter will keep the bigger growth but as you can see in the stat below, Facebook will have the much bigger user base.


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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