Video Hits Twitter with Vine iPhone App

Video Hits Twitter with Vine iPhone App

25th January 2013

I’d like to thank Justin Parks for highlighting this News today about “Video Hits Twitter” with the Vine iPhone App.

So what’s going on?

VINE LABS INC have created an App (iPhone Only currently / Android is planned to be released) which allows users to create a six second looping video which they can post to twitter. The APP’s development co-insides with a recent acquisition twitter made back in 2012 of the Start up “Vine”. – The app was actually launched before twitter purchased the company.

What does it do?

The APP allows users to create a Six Second Video to post to their social network account. Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann said:

“Posts on Vine are about abbreviation — the shortened form of something larger,” writes Hofmann. “They’re little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. They’re quirky, and we think that’s part of what makes them so special.” (

Is it just for Twitter?

VINE has been launched as a stand alone APP oppose to directly integrated into Twitter allowing for the video to posted to Facebook as well as Twitter (Currently). You can also use its location targeting via the connection with Four squares database to illustrate where the Video was made.

[12:51 Update] This post has been live less than five minutes and I came across –

Basically it seems that Facebook have either Blocked the action to post to your timeline, or its a temporary issue with the VINE APP.

Facebook Block VINE

A Spokes person from Twitter told Mashable

the company didn’t have anything to share beyond that notification.

Interesting Update, I’m sure this will evolve later where Facebook and Twitter give official statements.

Will this impact YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine and largest Video Search Engine in the World. Twitter is a different beast, working with short communications, this introduction is purely an extension of this short messaging system, but why 6 seconds? Not 12?

I tried reading a few tweets and sentences on web pages i.e..

Learn how customers are finding your ad! Here, you’ll see the actual searches that triggered your ad and led to a click.

This took me approximately 6 seconds and is 120 Character coming close to the 140 character limit in a tweet.

Is there a Darker Side?

You may remember the “happy slapping” Craze back in 2005  it would be worrying to see if this is an avenue for twitters growing younger audience to capture but time will tell.

My Thoughts?

I don’t know how much I would personally use it, I like textual tweets, because they can be read anywhere with no worry of sound or visuals that could be seen else where. I think particular industries may be able to use this i.e. “Adult” and Sports. News websites showing the latest Goals, hole in one or similar can possibly capture it within 6 seconds and reduce the need for that extra click, for all the marketers out there who know, we like to reduce the number of clicks needed in any process or cycle.

I think these industries and tweets may get additional exposure through the use of quick short videos. Imagine the impact a tweet showing a six second clip of the Chelsea Player Kicking the Ball Boy would have had virally? and would this increase or decrease YouTube usage? I.e. Encourage users to see the full video or would they be happy with the extract?


Now Lets have some fun!

I reached out this morning to people in the Search Engine Marketing industry asking them to download the VINE app and then create a the six second Video about six SEO, Social Media or Useful Tool in Six Second.

If they are not to busy people will be posting later today under the hash tag #stateofsearch but feel free to create you own include the hashtag and @stateofsearch and if they are good tips I’ll add them to this post.

Six Tools in Six Second

I’ll be posting them into this post as I see them through out the day.

Have fun people and be nice 🙂



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