Twitter’s Latest Piece Of Fluff: Profile Video Highlights
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Twitter’s Latest Piece Of Fluff: Profile Video Highlights

19th June 2013

No matter what you think about Twitter, you can’t say that it stands still for long when it comes to introducing new ways to entertain or inform. This week alone has seen the release of stats for all (more on that later) and the ability to create a video highlights reel of your best tweets, vines and photos.

The new video feature, #FollowMe, was created alongside Vizify and lets Tweeters create a short and sweet 30 second highlights package about their Twitter profile.

It does actually contain some great little pieces of info such as when you’re most active on the network and who your top followers are. Naturally, I tried it out on my own profile to see what it comes with – I’m pretty impressed for something that only took about 10 seconds of my time to do:


So what’s the use for marketers? Probably not much, but I like the way you can edit the reel once you’ve finished it to show off your more impressive photos or tweets and it does include a nice CTA to follow your account if you are embedding the tweet outside of Twitter.

You can also add the video to your Twitter profile so that it can be seen by everyone that visits your page and you can edit as much as you like, or create a new one every now and then. It also provides some basic stats on the type of content I tend to tweet about (video – surprise!!).


twitter profile words


However, much more useful for the marketer is the fact that Twitter have at last released the tracking tool that allows users to understand what kind of follower engagement their profile gets. Originally only available to advertisers, the tool shows how many people retweeted you, who your followers are in terms of location, gender and interest and how many followers you have lost or, hopefully, gained. To access this juice info you’ll need to:

  • Click on your ‘Settings’ menu (that’s the ‘gear’ icon at top right)
  • Click on “Twitter Ads” (apparently roll out is slow due to high demand so if you don’t see the link go directly to
  • Click the ‘Analytics’ option at the top of the page.

‘Timeline Activity‘ gives you the gen on which tweets have been favoured, retweeted and replied to plus how many mentions all your tweets have received over the last 30 days.  The ‘Followers‘ page gives you info on the location (by city) and interests of your followers plus their gender.

So, two nice little features from Twitter this week, both free and both potentially very handy for building and developing a profile.


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