Understanding Google Page Rank [infographic]

Infographics, you can’t seem to miss out on them these days, they are everywhere. This one, made by Zippycart, is one we couldn’t let go off on this Sunday afternoon. An infographic all about Pagerank. On how it works, which are the best kind and how trading links is useless. Enjoy! (Click for full size)

Via. Original source: Zippycart.

Bas van den Beld

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10 thoughts on “Understanding Google Page Rank [infographic]

  1. I always thought that infographics needed to clear things up, this one surely is only made for linkbait (like a lot these days…) since it’s more complicated than the original algorithm.

  2. I may be reading this wrongly, but this seems to hugely confuse pagerank and the Google algorithm. Link exchanges for example still pass pagerank as any other link would, but there is speculation that this is devalued as part of the ranking algorithm, and since when did the topic of a link influence how much pagerank it passes?

  3. this is not cited right – the infographic is from Zippycart and this is stealing if you do not put in the right source. they have a creative commons license….

  4. Hi Todd, I found it on websonic (I see the link is wrong) but they seem to have deleted it. I’ll check it and when they deserve the link they’ll get it no worries about that 🙂

  5. This is a great inforgrpahic to share with clients who are familiar with online advertising and are looking to rank higher in search. It gives them a easy way to understand the pros and cons with having some sites like to your while ignoring true common sense practices that build value over time. Building inbound links to your website is hard and takes time, but the effort is worth it in the end when your website ranks higher and you have a placement that has long term value.

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