SES Amsterdam: Unleash the power of your organisation for SEO results

SES Amsterdam: Unleash the power of your organisation for SEO results

10th October 2011

Another summary of a session at last weeks SES Amsterdam 2011; Sander Tamaela, SEO manager at Onetomarket,  speaking about how to unleash the power of your organisation to get the most out of SEO.

First of all, explaining how SEO has evolved, all the way up to the recent Panda update, now a hot topic – but if you are worried about this you have been spending the last few years on the wrong SEO strategy. Who should SEO be accounted to? Not to your SEO (consultant) – but rather to your whole organisation – Sander explains.

The right SEO strategy

So what is the right SEO strategy? Did you spend valuable time and money on an proper SEO strategy or did you copy the stuff you read on a blog of a self-proclaimed SEO rock star?

Sanders point of view is; don’t spend too much time on technique, if you get the basics right you should be able to do fine. Just spend a few days a year on implementing new technical advancements. Your valuable time should be spend on your content. Content that is unique, not translated nor copied.

Content should be the basis of your strategy. But who is going to be the content manager? Who is going to write the necessary items for your online real estate? Sander shares that this is NOT the job of the content manager but of everyone within the organisation. Top to bottom and bottom up. People appreciate the various point of views from people within a company shared packaged in a new blog post, sharing thoughts and gathering opinions.

If you don’t know what to write about:

– you don’t know who your target audience is
– you don’t know your own products or services
– you do not follow current developments

“But I do not have the time to write content!” – blasphemy, according to Tamaela, illustrating this with a shot from Pulp Fiction.

Sander gives away a few tips about good content strategies:

– copying or using translated versions is a no go.
– content is more than just text, think videos, photos, maps, etc.

Discover audience needs; do people want more detail? explanatory videos or detailed photos can help, this is link-worthy material! Animations about the way things work (Seiko Springdrive) or sounds putting products into context. e.g is that shutter sound of that new lens really that loud compared to my own camera lens?

SEO does not exist without a proper content strategy that you act upon together! Together according to Sander also means that you must celebrate success, this is the only way to make SEO a true stakeholder throughout the company.


Who is your boss? Can your manager be a spokesman for a specific niche? Is there authority in your field of interest that you can claim? If you are really the best – let the world know.


Don’t copy your competitors strategy – you will always be the last man in line with only half the good stuff. Besides, do you really want to have your competitor define your linkbuilding strategy?
Remember that the true linkbuilding specialist is not your SEO (consultant). The real linkbuilding specialist is always within the company! Think product manager, support desk, your boss, etc.


– How did you get to this design
– Why was a particular technique chosen
– Where do we publish what content?


Did you reach your goals? Celeberate!

Sander translated his truly inspiring deck into English which I will add below.


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Martijn Beijk is an SEO & Web Analytics consultant, international speaker and lecturer. He is one of the participants of the Local Search Ranking Factors.
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