Announcement: New URL Submitter Tool from Majestic SEO

Announcement: New URL Submitter Tool from Majestic SEO

18th February 2013

After a week of smaller announcements, today Majestic SEO announce a new URL Submitter Tool.

This new feature is one of the most requested and is available for free and paid for accounts. The new submitter tool allows users to influence which URL’s are crawled and add those that may not have been picked up…yet!

With over 4 Trillion plus URL’s crawled in the historic index, the ability to add specific URL’s means that you help decide on a worldwide scale which URL’s get crawled first.

“We have had people asking for URL submission ever since we started out – but we didn’t want to just give people a form and then not have the bandwidth or the logic in place to be able to handle large submissions and use this to genuinely improve the crawl. Now – even if you DO find another list of links that we don’t have (maybe via Google Webmaster Tools) then we can assimilate and react very quickly.

There has been quite a lot of behind the scenes work on this to make it work well and I think it will improve our index and features moving forward in many ways. It also means that if you actively link build, you can make sure your efforts are shown in our data very quickly – unless the links really are massive spam – in which case we’ll prioritise your submissions accordingly!” – Dixon Jones – Majestic SEO

The URL Submitter Tool

You can find the tool at the bottom of the Tools dropdown menu. From that point you can cut and paste URLS straight into the box on a separate line, or cut and paste from Excel. If you have more than 100 URL’s you can also upload a file.

Tools Menu


Upload to URL Submitter


Cut and Paste from Excel


There is no guarantee of a crawl, but the majority of URLs will be crawled within a couple of hours for indexing the following day. Majestic also state that they will not stress a

web domain no matter how many million URL’s you add and just to be sure that intentions are honorable, submissions can only come via a registered account. For more details on how the system works with Robots.txt, read the Majestic Post

API integration? 

Keep checking the developer area for documentation:

How will the URL Submission Tool Help?

Instead of waiting until your URL is crawled, the submitter tool will help majestic SEO crawlers to index faster. This is useful for reporting to clients and helps Majestic identify which URL’s you consider to be important.

You can submit up to 100 URL’s with a free account however for more submissions you will need a Majestic SEO Subscription –  for more details visit Majestic SEO


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