How To Use Instagram For Your Business

How To Use Instagram For Your Business

16th April 2014

InstagramForBusinessAre you on Instagram as a business? If you are a visual business, have products to sell, or market to the teen or millennial population, Instagram is a network you need to be on.  In fact, Instagram is so popular these days that teens have made it their most important network.

That’s right, Facebook is gone.  And as you know where the teens go, the parents and adults follow.  With that said, Instagram is a pretty important network for you and your business too.

As with all other social networks, Instagram needs it’s own strategy.  Instagram is unique because it’s all about pictures and pictures only.  Now of course if you have a product, visuals are extremely easy for you to come upon.  If you don’t, you’ll have to come up with a strategy that allows you to connect and build relationships with your target audience by sharing posts that matter to them.  This can be quote cards, fan photos, or even regards, but we’ll get into that later.

Here is a roundup of some of my favorite Instagram tips, tricks and strategies.

Instagram For Local Businesses

As a local business you have the opportunity to connect with local users like never before.  Because many people use Instagram to check in to locations and share images attached to a certain location, you can literally follow and engage with your neighbors.  While it may sound a bit stalkerish, it’s actually not at all.  In fact, I’d say Instagram users would like to be followed by businesses in their local community.  I’ve detailed my exact strategy for doing this here.

Beyond gathering a targeted following, as a local business, Instagram can really increase your foot traffic.  If you are a restaurant try sharing your daily specials to encourage your fans to join you for a meal or happy hour.  Having a sale?  Post it.  Because consumers are looking for the instant gratification factor, Instagram is a great way to communicate in real time, visually.

Lastly, as you know people are sharing a ton of photos.  You want your business to be featured to your customers followers.  By making your store Instagram-friendly you can encourage more check-ins or shares.  Perhaps offer a discount for those tagging you and checking in.  Or you could even make an area in your store act as your Instagram photo booth.

Instagram Tips & Tricks

Use Hashtags
The best way to get found on Instagram is to use hashtags.  In fact, it is really the only way to get your posts found to those searching.  On Twitter you should only use 2 hashtags, but on Instagram they sky is the limit.  The more hashtags you use, the more things you’ll be found for.  Of course you want to keep these relevant.  But, don’t be shy.

Post Regularly
If you want to stay relevant and on people’s radar, you need to post often.  I’d say daily is good.  If you can’t do that, then at least a few times a week.  You don’t want to have SMGS (Social Media Ghost Syndrome).

Comment & Like
This is part of my daily routine.  I search for related posts, then I like them and comment.  Not only is this being a good community member, you’ll notice that people will come and do the same to you.  They might even follow you.  Social media is two-way.  Remember that.

Redirect People To Your Profile Link
One of the downfalls of Instagram is that links are dead in your post. No one can click on a link in your post and be directed to your website.  The only place you can direct traffic is through your profile.  By adding text like, link in the profile you can direct people to check your site out by going through your profile.  This is pretty common form so don’t worry.

Post video
Video is on the rise.  Experiment with it.  One company that is doing great stuff with Instagram video is Quest Nutrition Bars.

Regram/ Repost
This is my new favorite feature and something I have been experimenting with.  If you don’t have a lot of content to share you can share others’ posts.  I use RepostWhiz  but there are a ton to choose from.  This is a great way to increase your content and build community by giving users their 15 minutes of fame.

What are some of your favorite Instagram Tips?


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