Bryan Eisenberg on “Using Google To Lift Your Conversion“

Bryan Eisenberg on “Using Google To Lift Your Conversion“

4th May 2012

At Fusion Marketing Experience it is all about experience (the title says it all right?) and how you should look at different channels and integrate them: Think about what you are doing.

When it comes to both ‘experience’ and thinking about what you are doing Bryan Eisenberg is the person you want to have opening the day on your conference as keynote speaker. He shoots tips like he’s shooting hail and will get you wide awake early in the morning.

His keynote on day 2 of Fusion Marketing Experience was a talk about how you can better optimize your PPC efforts by looking at who you are targeting. The good thing about this talk however is that everything he explained can simply be transferred to any other channel where you can do the same.

Doing it

Bryan starts off with pointing out how few people actually do it right. He shows us a few numbers:

– 50% of small businesses check their adwords less than once a month
– Less dan 50% of accounts have used at least 1 negative keyword in the last 90 days
– Less than 50% of advertisers have conversion tracking on (that means they don’t know what’s working)

Bryan, who is an expert in creating habits, for example going to the gym, tells us to create a habit to perfect Adwords and your pitch by working on it constantly. “Always be testing” is an important line he always mentions and which always is true: it is a continues process: plan – improve – measure. And then start over again.

Understand the searchers psychology

A topic very close to my heart is searchers psychology. To really make PPC, or even search in general, work for you you have to look at searchers psychology: understand your audience by learning how they think. What they like and also what they don’t like.

I just want to highlight a few of the things Bryan mentioned:

Using the language and culture of the audience

Understanding the searcher off course starts with understanding their language. Are ‘sneakers’ the same all over the world or are they using different terms? But also: where do people come from and what is their culture. Apparently you can be ‘rougher’ in language to a New Yorker than to someone from another place in the US ;).

Know who they are NOT

A VERY important part of knowing your searcher is also knowing what they are not and what they don’t like. Make sure for example that you know if they have experience already or not. Take for example a search on kickboxing: “learn to fight” in the text might work better than “burn fat” for those who already know about kickboxing and are searching on the term kickboxing.

Test the image

Using the right image in your ads is important. Some might even give you considerably more clicks and in the end bring you a lot of more money. Take a look at this example.


As said, Bryan tells us to keep testing. He gives us the Top 10 elements to test:

1. highlight benefits (not features)
2. Presenece of keywords / intent words
3. Call to action (test multiple)
4. Insert specifics: pricing ($39.99), selection details (657 styles, etc)
5. Risk mitigation/ special offers (money-back, ships today, free trial)
6. Experiment with the display url
7. Formatting / ordering of key elements
8. Synonyms within the ad
9. Capitalization
10. Outrageous imagery (Facebook)

Next step: work on landing page

After you’ve optimized your PPC efforts you should off course also take the next step: optimizing your landing pages. The most important part there is segmentation: you can’t treat everybody the same way.

In preparation be sure to look at the following items:

A few things to remember here is to personalize the site experience, for example by using imagery based on what terms people enter the page. A good (free) tool to do this with is, which will help you take the first steps in that.

Conclusion: get to work

I have to admit something: you know Bryan is a friend of mine and I always love seeing him and love talking to him. There is one thing though that always is a bit annoying: every time I see Bryan I have the feeling I am doing so much wrong… And I am, there are so many things you can do to optimize not just your search, but also your site itself.

So Bryan always leaves me with the feeling I have to get to work. Annoying right..? Well, maybe… but its also very inspiring at the same time. Time to get to work :).


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