View Movie Trailers In Search Results Google

View Movie Trailers In Search Results Google

8th October 2012

Google has recently added movie trailers to the English version of the search engine. For some time now you can search for movies playing in your own area by for example doing a search like ‘Movies London’. You will then get a list of movies playing in London, behind every movie you can see the duration, the genre and the language it is in. To see more you can click on the link ‘Show more films‘ and by clicking on a title you will see when and where you can go to view the movie.

With the latest update you can also see trailers from the movies. After doing the above search you will also get a button behind every movie to see the trailer directly on the page with the search results. Clicking the button will open a light box with the video coming from YouTube en below the actors, the director and a short synopsis. At the top you can +1 the trailer and share it on G+.

Google Movie Trailers on YouTube

The video’s are coming from YouTube but they cannot be found on the website. They are from the YouTube account ‘Googlemovietrailers‘ but when you open this channel no videos are shown because they are all hidden and only users who have the direct link can view them on YouTube. If you want to share a trailer then in the search results open it and than click somewhere in the video with your right mouse button and select ‘Copy video URL’ to share this on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


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