Want To Make Money From YouTube: Be Any Good!

Want To Make Money From YouTube: Be Any Good!

12th March 2012

So, you are producing decent videos and they are attracting a lot of attention on YouTube – your subscriber numbers are increasing weekly and your content is generating views and likes? Excellent news. Now, if there was only a way of generating revenue in return for your efforts….

Well, dear YouTube user, you are in luck as YouTube created the Partnership programme to reward those creators who consistently produce high quality and high value videos.

What Is The YouTube Partnership?

YouTube offers two types of Partnerships – Channel and Individual Video. This article will go into detail regarding the full Channel partnership but there is plenty of information available regarding the Individual Video option. The Partnership feature enables you to a share of any revenue that is generated through videos that you create and distribute via YouTube. The considerable benefits of being accepted on the Partnership programme include:

* The ability to (potentially) earn a tidy sum from the videos that you create. As a Partner, you can display ads either alongside or within your videos and you get paid a percentage from every ad click.

* Being able to upload content of any size or any length

* Extra features such as a branded channel banner, autoplay and custom video thumbnails

* The option to track and block any user who is trying to download or use your content without your express permission

* The ability to broadcast your content in real time via live streaming

* The chance to generate further revenue by renting out streaming content for payment

Hurrah – let’s all be Partners!!

Nice thought but, as you can imagine, there are some pretty substantial hoops to jump through to be considered for inclusion. Remember, YouTube is owned by Google and Google, as a business, is all about making money. For Google. In order to qualify for the Partnership programme, you are going to need to demonstrate that you can attract serious user engagement with your content and there are certain basic requirements that you need to demonstrate you can fulfill before even being considered:

* Your videos must be 100% your creation – that includes the visuals to the audio. Your content should not include any copied songs, lyrics, background music, movie or TV visuals, graphics, images or live performances. You absolutely MUST own the videos that you upload and share. Basically, you have to have express permission to use and monetize your video content and there are no exceptions.

* You need an AdSense account to be able to apply for this partnership.

* You need to be uploading and sharing on a pretty regular basis (at least once a week) and your videos need to be viewed by thousands of YouTube users. This isn’t really an option for those that are very new to YouTube as you need an (unconfirmed) number of subscribers, viewers and generally very positive interaction metrics to even be considered. Alternatively, you can be considered for the partnership if your videos are commercially popular, i.e. is you have your own DVDs sold online.


Yes, Yes I’m Good Enough – How Do I Apply?

If you are that good enough, you’ve probably already heard from Google regarding the Partner opportunity but if not, you can apply here. Be prepared for a bit of a wait until you here anything.

How Soon Can I Retire & Live Off The Proceeds?

YouTube currently has more than 15,000 partners worldwide and there are undoubtedly a great many of those that earn enough to make YouTube their main source of income. The amount you could potentially earn depends on how much the advertiser is paying for their bid and also how much Google are prepared to share with you of course. As prosaic and obvious  as it seems, to generate a serious amount of money, you need to produce great content – I mean really engaging, brilliant content that people want to watch. If you are prepared to put in that kind of work then you will already be exploring the kind of revenue you could achieve from many different sources. You’ll find examples of those who have succeeded as YouTube partners here.

How Can I Make My Content More Attractive To YouTube?

As well as the obvious quality requirements, make sure you research the market to see what kind of video genres are attracting the views and subscribers you need to become a Partner yourself. Use YouTube Trends and Charts to ascertain what is popular and what people are searching for in terms of information and content.

Making money from your YouTube activity is certainly possible if you are prepared to seriously look at the kind of value you are providing. If your content is good enough that people will take the time to engage and interact with you then you stand every chance of being able to benefit financially from your efforts. Just be any good – that’s all that YouTube is asking.


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