Want to Work At Google? Hack Them and Leak!

Want to Work At Google? Hack Them and Leak!

30th August 2011

An interesting (possible) job-hiring by Google became clear yesterday. It seems as if Google is about to hire Florian Rohrweck, an Austrian blogger and developer. On his blog he mentions he is about to sign a contract with the search giant.

So why is this special? Because Rohrweck got his job by digging into Google+ source code and revealing Google+ features, even some which have not been launched yet. Google figured the best way to shut him up was hiring him.

Rohrweck revealed for example the existence of Google+ Games before it launched and has also found evidence of shared circles and the changing of the name “Picasa” to photos.google.com.

On his blog Rohrweck now has posted that he “has gone Google”:

“Or at least I will be have gone soon. Or something like that 😀 I will post new articles again. Not so much about leaks but more about the dark arts of mastering Google products and APIs. Or something else. Time will tell!

Thanks to all of you, who supported me on my way and made my work so much fun and enjoyable! You guys are awesome!

Rock on!”

He will be working on security matters at Google. Most probably he will be explaining how he found the information in the first place.

Now you could go through a ‘regular’ hiring process, but this is much more fun, isn’t it?


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