We are one year old!!

We are one year old!!

28th February 2011

Last week we were at SES London 2011. How could you have missed that ;). A year ago we were also at SES London. The event back then was not only the place where the search industry gathered, it was also the very first time we could show you State of Search!

That said you can ad one and one together and realize that last week the parties at SES were also in a way a birthday party for State of Search. After all, we celebrated our one year anniversary last week!

So we are now officially one year old. And we’ve seen a huge growth in the past year, both in visitor numbers, as in quality and in number of bloggers. We now have 14 high quality bloggers producing high quality content for you.

Thank you Lisa, Nichola, Barry, Louis, Sam, Evert, Jeroen, Kelvin, Peter, Bastian, Annabel, Martijn and Sam!

And we will continue to deliver you great content, with even more on the planning! As said back in December, we are working on a new design, we will be bringing more new items and we will increase the number of posts. And as you are used to from us we will continue to cover events like we did last week at SES London.

Last week in London I had several people coming up to me saying how much they like the site. That off course was something very nice. We want to improve the site so you will like it even better. So we’d love to hear from you what you would like us to improve on the site. So let us know!

And finally: thank YOU for a year of great support!


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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