Welcome to 2012, Here We Go!

Welcome to 2012, Here We Go!

2nd January 2012

So 2011 is over and 2012 has started. Funny, last year only is a few days ago, but already seems far away. That’s what happens when you make a fresh start. The year in front of us looks tempting. We are looking at the future and seeing the possibilities.

State of Search is starting the New Year fresh too. We will off course be looking back at 2011 somewhat, but our focus is to ‘start fresh’ and look forward. We have many plans for 2012, and 2012 will have many plans for us. Let me take you into 2012 a little bit, both from a State of Search perspective as from an industry perspective.

About State of Search

Our year behind us

I can easily say: 2011 has been one hell of a year for us. It has been fantastic. We have gained several great new bloggers, we have set our selves as the blog to watch in the (European) space when it comes to Search and Social and we have grown immensely in numbers going up to 4 to 5k visitors daily now. I think I can safely say: 2011 has proven we are here to stay and that we are force to be reckoned with!

Our plans

At State of Search we have many plans for you. Experience however shows that not everything will go as fast as we planned, some of our 2011 plans will be completed in 2012, but the plans are still there! I will not tell you about all the specific plans we have. For starters its too much to all write down here, and secondly we don’t know if we can do them all in 2012.

But what I can tell you is our main focus: more content, better content, better accessible content and more integration. We believe that ‘integration’ of channels is the key in the next couple of years and we want to be taking the first steps in that ourselves. That means different content on different channels. Yes, the ‘feed’ will still go through Twitter and Facebook, but we want to use those channels, as well as channels like e-mail, YouTube and Google+ for example to “do” different kind of things. And make them all come together with the site as the center piece. Stick with us and it will become clear to you very soon :).


The blogging team continues to be the most important element of the site. After all, they are the ones producing all the great content. They are the ones covering all the events. With the growth and expansion comes more content. And for more content we need new bloggers. And that is what you will be getting in 2012. We will continue to be strict on the policy of who blogs on State of Search to keep giving you the high quality content you want. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be some new faces to the blog.

Let me introduce you quickly to three of our new bloggers who will be writing for us starting today:

Sam Noble: You might know Sam from the integration series we did in December 2011. She wrote a great piece on Search and Social Integration. Sam has decided she wanted to stay on board as a regular blogger and we are thrilled she said yes!

Jon Quinton: Maybe you have seen him wandering about some of the UK events in the last year. He is a writer who you also might have seen on different blogs. A young talented guy who’s content you will love.

Michel Wester: Someone you probably won’t know unless you live in The Netherlands is Michel Wester. He keeps a very close eye on all the latest developments and will be reporting on those on State of Search from now on. Trust me, you will know who he is in no-time!

And these are just three of the new bloggers. There will be more and there will be also more from different countries like the US, Australia and who knows some other European countries!


State of Search has always been the blog when it comes to coverage of search events. We will continue to do that in 2012. SES, SMX, A4U Expo (Barcelona!), Thinkvisibility, Brighton SEO and all the other great events will be covered by our blogging team who will be present and ready to go in big numbers. This year we will be trying to expand our coverage also more to the Social events around the world.

About The Online Industry

Wow, 2012 in the online industry. If we could just have that crystal ball. Who predicted Google+ at the start of 2011? Who would have thought Bing didn’t make that leap to become number one, who would have predicted that Larry Page would take over from Eric Schmidt?

It is very difficult to make predictions on what will happen. I won’t try and predict products here. What I do want to predict is that two trends will have major attention in 2012:


We have said this before, integration of elements will be very important in 2012. We will be seeing search results with social elements, we will be seeing offline (TV for example) and online integrate much more than they do now and we will be seeing integration between channels we haven’t even heard of right now.

Take a look at Google+. It might seem a separate product, but it really is all about integration: making sure that you social life is connected to all other elements on the web. Google+ will be integrated in many different products from Google, and maybe even outside of Google.


Another trend will be privacy. People still don’t know which way we want to go. Do we want our privacy or is privacy indeed the new currency? Regulators are trying to grab the phenomenon, but really don’t know what they should do with it so they are making mistakes in the regulations. That will be a big part of the discussion in 2012, where the big audience maybe will have to choose between a part of their privacy and all the cool free stuff on the web.

Finally there is one more trend I would like to predict: a trend in which we as State of Search will continue to grow and become an even stronger force in the online industry.

To all of our readers, to all of the industry I would like to say: have a healthy, wealthy and great 2012!


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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