What if… it was a world without Google (infographic)

What if… there was no Google? What if Sergey and Larry had never met? We would have had no Google docs, no Analytics, no Maps, No Gmail, no Blogger. But there would be alternatives. We wouldn’t search with Google but maybe Bing or Yahoo. But the question is, would we be better of…?

A great infographic by Singlegrain an Obizmedia shows us what if there was no Google…


Bas van den Beld

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2 thoughts on “What if… it was a world without Google (infographic)

    1. Hi Mieke, it is difficult to really say what you can conclude from the findings Mashable reports. There are many things which are not that clear. For starters, as Mashable themselves already point out, it is only one research so it is not data which is definite.

      Also you really have to look at what is on the result pages to get an accurate view. Google is trying to give as much information as possible directly in the search results, that might be one of the reasons why the CTR is bigger with Bing, another reason could be that people “Google” for a quick answer which doesn’t need a click afterwards, like calculation (how much dollars is one pound), a quick search on a brand or for example a quick spelling check. Those kind of searches don’t need a click afterwards which could ‘damage’ the CTR.

      Then again, Bing might indeed have better search results, but without actually looking at the results of the research and actually looking at the SERPS, that isn’t something you can say without a doubt. Plus, do Facebook searches count? Because that makes a hell of a difference if they do.

      It would be interesting however, because most people I’ve spoken weren’t too enthusiastic about Bing’s results so far…

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