What Should Marissa Mayer do at Yahoo?

Marissa Mayer’s move shocked a few people, made some eyebrows frown and made a lot of people think: what on earth is she doing? But what will she be doing is one of the big questions.

In the past few years new CEO’s have always given their views on what they believe they should focus on at Yahoo. No doubt Marissa Mayer will shortly come with a similar statement. What that will say we will have to wait and see, but in the meanwhile we can think about things she can do ourselves. So we’ve asked our blogging team and we’ve asked you on our Facebook page to tell us what you thought Marissa Mayer should do on her first day at Yahoo. Here are the answers:

Here is what the bloggers of State of Search say

Paddy Moogan

“Bring back Site Explorer”

Barry Adams

“She should stop the slow evisceration of Yahoo services. Yahoo has shed too many of the sites and tools that made it great. Mayer needs to work on rebuilding the brand with great web services and go-to websites.”

Louis Venter

“She has done amazing things but very much within the search space, Yahoo outsources search to Bing through the alliance then hires a search heavyweight as a CEO? I personally just don’t get it especially when a lot of their revenue is display based. Am I alone in thinking its madness? I guess for me it would be creating a re-targeting platform for yahoo because thats all they own and they need to make it viable?”

Nichola Stott

“Yahoo lost the search war many years ago and frankly the alliance frees up spend on resource and technology that can be used elsewhere. Given Mayers background in AI and most recently as VP of Geo/local I’d expect her steer to be in mobile. As to the very first thing she should do is define a clear direction and identity for Yahoo! today.”

Bryant Dunivan

“Focus on the relationship with facebook and work to make that a revenue stream. Further, tweak the deal with bing to use their signals but create their own algo for it (like DDG).”

Jeroen van Eck

“Find a focus. I really can’t say what Yahoo! is good at at this moment.”

Here is what you said

And here are some of the comments we got on our Facebook page:

Bas van den Beld

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One thought on “What Should Marissa Mayer do at Yahoo?

  1. Marissa Mayer is a “Products” Woman, she even stated that yahoo was “making a mistake” when YSE was closed. I would keep an eye on Yahoo now for the return of Popular products and more importantly the innovation of fresh products that can challenge Googles Dominance. I would bet my last dollar that by the end of her tennure Yahoo will be undisputed No2 to Google. There is no way we can kid ourselves that she will steer them to be a Google beating company but yahoo is the most widely used home screen in the world. That is a much underused tool at there disposal for SE dominance.

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