What to expect from Conversion World 2016
Conversion Optimisation

What to expect from Conversion World 2016

5th April 2016

Conversion WorldThe annual Conversion World conference is now just two weeks away, so we spoke to some of the event’s top speakers to get a sneak peek at some of the top tips you can expect from their presentations.

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Bas van den Beld, State of Digital Founder


“Stop creating content, just because you feel you need to. Every piece of content needs to have a purpose. If there is no purpose to it, don’t create it.”

Martijn Scheijbeler, Director of Marketing at The Next Web


“You’ve started testing and improving your conversion rates a tiny bit and you are running one or two tests as week, but you want more tests so you can generate more results. What opportunities are out there that you can take advantage off to take your testing program really to the next level and how are you able to scale this? In the session I go more in depth on how we approached this at The Next Web. We were able to scale up our testing very fast by running over 200 tests in the past 12 months. But what is next for us, we can keep running at high velocity but how we do improve the results that we get from our testing program?”

David Darmanin, CEO and Founder of Hotjar


“User research and analytics has never been important as it is today. Our users and customers, empowered with social connections and an ever increasing community based web can have a huge impact on conversions and growth.  If you truly want to win big and truly shift your growth gear you’re going to need to change your mindset to focus on the bigger picture.”

Valentin Radu, Founder of Marketizator


“Our attention span decreased as the devices got closer to our bodies. And attention is the main asset we are trying to get from the visitor’s journey.

What conversion optimization hacks can we learn from a goldfish, Tom Cruise and a woman conditioner advertisement? I am eager to share them with you in this session, based on my privilege of observing >10k experiments in the last years.”

Jim Sterne, Founder eMetrics Summit & Digital Analytics Association


“I provide some practical advice on how to leverage data for your own, personal advancement. With revealing analogies about how data acts like sand, water, flowers, and gold, I’ll explain how to Become Indispensable. Key takeaways include specific advice on how to approach the raw material (data), how to come to grips with the wide variety of tools (technology), how to turn data into valuable business insights and how to communicate those insights to decision makers to make an impact on your business.”

Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked


“The secret to high-converting landing page copy is to assemble rather than write your copy. When you research and plan your copy well, writing becomes a breeze, you don’t have to stare at a blank sheet, and your copy will become more persuasive.”

Els Aerts, Managing partner at AGConsult


“I’ll guide you through our user research process in six cases. And I’ll show you how this helped us improve conversions through AB-testing and beyond…”


Jakub Linowski, UI designer at GoodUI


“There is plenty of knowledge contained within existing experiments, data and a/b tests that have been already carried out. Looking across multiple experiments belonging to other people is a powerful way of building certainty, quickly, and cheaply. By reusing insights from past tests we can try to predict the effects of some patterns without always needing to test everything on our own. Let me tell you a story about how we inspire our own optimization efforts by looking at what other people test, while keeping a healthy dose of skepticism.”

Chris Goward, Founder of WiderFunnel


“Today is the best time in history to be an evidence-led marketer. Data is available everywhere, tools are improving daily, and the business climate is data-friendly. You hold in your hand the keys to the kingdom.

But, you must not squander the opportunity. It will be taken away unless you use it wisely. In this session, you’ll hearhow leading businesses are using optimization processes to gain dramatic revenue lift and insights. You’ll walk away with practical strategies to drive real, tested business results.”

Tom Waterfall, Conversion Rate Optimization at Lost My Name


“I’ll discuss my role at Lostmy.name, one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the UK.  Lost My Name’s goal? Share more magical moments with more children through the power of personalisation, storytelling, and of course – CRO. In this talk, I tell of the trials and tribulations of building a testing culture at the e-commerce startup in a handful of punchy lessons from failing fast to growing a community of testing and data enthusiasm.”

Paul Rouke, Founder & Director of Optimisation at PRWD


“The conversion optimisation industry is in a mess. For every intelligent A/B test that is run, there are 50 poor, weak or zero hypothesis tests run. Nearly every business claims they are “customer centric”, yet reality proves they’re far from it and worst still, they’re clueless as to what it means.

Millions is spent every month on enterprise testing tools which promise the world, only to be used by untrained teams and produce inconclusive results. To add to the problem, there are new shiny toys in the guise of big data & personalisation stealing all the headlines and clamouring for marketing budget to be thrown their way.

In this talk, I will be discussing the struggles that the conversion optimisation industry has faced (and will continue to) and how collectively, the industry can prove that conversion optimisation is the best force for growth available to businesses all around the world.”

Talia Wolf, Founder of Conversioner


“I will be talking about the psychology of mobile visitors and how to convert them. We’ll discuss the biggest issues marketers have with mobile, how to go mobile first, what to optimize and how to get to know your mobile visitors better.”

If you’d still like to find out more about the conference you can also check out our interview with Founder Manuel da Costa.


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