What Would Google Bot Do?

When building or optimizing a website you have to keep in mind you need to do things so the website can be found in search engines pretty well. Therefore you have to ‘obey’ to the rules of Google. And since Google sends its bots around to find what site is relevant it might be a good idea to consider ‘what would the Google Bot do?’ when optimizing a site.

via Elevatelocal

Bas van den Beld

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9 thoughts on “What Would Google Bot Do?

  1. Great post and funny cartoons. I was amused while reading over these and wanted to read on, which is the point of good content. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Fun infographic/cartoon, a nice change! But… the Rel = Nofollow advice in the last panel is a bit off, no? (Suggesting to nofollow every outgoing link from your site)

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