White Paper: Integrated Digital Marketing

White Paper: Integrated Digital Marketing

11th August 2013

Marketing channels these days can’t work in their own silos. They need to work together or even better: they need to be integrated. This whitepaper in conjunction with Blueglass looks at how to create the perfect integrated strategy.

Title of the White Paper:

Integrated Digital Marketing

Written by:

This white paper is written by the team of Blueglass UK. Each section of this whitepaper has been written by a BlueGlass team member, within the relevant area of expertise. Making this their own integrated marketing project in many ways!


The white paper has been created by Blueglass, a strategy-driven digital marketing agency in the UK

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Summary of the White Paper:

This white paper is an introduction on how to plan your digital marketing strategy in 2013.

The white paper looks into the perfect digital strategy. In order to have a successful digital marketing strategy, you really want to have SEO, paid search, content marketing, social media promotion and any other activity, all working together as part of a single, integrated plan.

The whitepaper goes into each of these to explain why it is important and what you need to do to make it a success.

Brands also need to work with digital marketing partners alongside their team. The whitepaper looks into the qualities these partners need to have.

Preview samples of the White Paper:

integration-paper-frontWhitepaper_-_Integrated_Digital_Marketing_-_contents Whitepaper_-_Integrated_Digital_Marketing_-_content

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