Who Would I Pick For My Link Building Dream Team?

Who Would I Pick For My Link Building Dream Team?

6th September 2010

Gone are the days when link building was merely checklist of repetitive tasks you could work your way through and given enough data entry and link requests you could start to see yourself rise up the rankings.

It requires a huge combination of skills that no one person or type of person could ever manage. Like any good sports team you need a mixture of talents and an understanding of each other strengths to really do well.

In real life it’s a hard job; but when day-dreaming of the link building dream team it’s much easier job to pull off.

Market Researcher

Someone with a research background is invaluable to the perfect link building team, not only will they know the right sort of questions to ask to understand the linkerati; they’ll also have the statistical understanding to look at a quantitive list of links to a competitor and turn it into something qualitative.

Even if you ignore all these great reasons there is another huge plus for the market researcher. Surveys and research drives attention and links. Someone who understands how to get these compelling insights but also how to promote them to attract links is a great person to have on-board.

PR Luvvy

If you read any of my posts on Econsultancy, you may have noticed I’m on a bit of a crusade to try and reconcile link building at PR. Malcolm Coles is right at the moment they have very much different desired outcomes of a campaign, though the tactics used to achieve those goals are startlingly similar.

With a little persuading a public relations person can take their extensive black book of contacts, understanding of how to make something news-worthy and how to pitch to journalists and make your link building 100% more effective.

Tabloid Headline Writer

When I used to work on Zoo Magazine there were people in the team you could always turn to come up with a a great, comical and clever headline for any topic. I’d love to work with these people everyday to create great link-bait titles and headlines. You want something slightly different to their normal work i.e. with the odd keyword in, but once they’ve grasped this they’d be a invaluable member of your team.

Infographic Designer

I’m not to sure how long the current infographic linkbait bubble will last but what I am certain even if their shine does decrease a little in the future they are always going to be a successful tactic in any link building campaign.

It’s not a job just any designer can turn their hand to, they need to appreciate good typography, the history of infographics and be really good at data visualization. People like this are gold dust and a brilliant addition to any link building team.

Big-time blogger

Can you imagine how great it would be to have a really high profile blogger in your niche on your pay-roll? I don’t think there’s much Payola in the world of link building but there is probably ways you can work with bloggers to make link building more effectively.

I bet for a reasonable sum a priority blogger in any sector would be happy to come meet your team and talk them through how to write great content. It wouldn’t guarantee you links but it’s bound to increase the likelihood of you writing the sort of content that they’d link to.

Social Media Power User

Even the best content aimed at attracting links usually needs a push at getting started. This is where power users come into play, have you got someone on your team with a history of submitting great content to voting sites? Thousands of Twitter followers who hang on their every tweet? The jump start this type of person can give a piece can often be the difference between a blockbuster and flop.

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Kelvin Newman is Creative Director at SiteVisibility and specialises in achieving natural search results and producing link-worthy online content, working with a variety of brands including the RSPCA & uSwitch.
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