Why we love our bloggers and why we love YOU!

Why we love our bloggers and why we love YOU!

31st December 2015

In the past few days on our Twitter feed and our Facebook feed we have been highlighting our blogging team. Without them there wouldn’t be a site after all! They create all the amazing content that keeps you coming back to our great site. Below you can see all the thank you’s in one.

We however want to thank one more: YOU!

On the last day of the year we want to thank YOU for being a loyal reader, for making us come up with new ideas and challenging us to do better every day. Without you, there wouldn’t be a site in 2016!

On behalf of all the team at State of Digital I want to wish you a happy and healthy 2016!


Why we love our bloggers

Below all the reasons why we love our bloggers!
Barry-Adams Sam-Noble Russel-Osullivan Arianne-Donoghue Jo-Turnbull Aleyda-Solis Laura-Crimmons Giancluca-Fiorelli per-pettersson Melissa-mcdonald takin-kroop jw-bobbink jonathan-allen Lisa-Williams andrew-isidoro Andy-Miller Briony-Gunson Cedric-Chambaz daniel-bianchini gemma-birch gordon-campbell jack-telford

Jackie-Hole James-Crawford joana-ferreira Jodie-Harris Kristine-Schachinger louis-venter mat-bennett
Paul-Hunter Sarah-kershaw steve-morgan Tara-West Wayne-Denner


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