Will Data Save Us? & the Viral Perspective #RIMC2014

Will Data Save Us? & the Viral Perspective #RIMC2014

2nd April 2014

There were two talks in quick succession so we put them in to one post! Will Big Data Save Us? Ajit Sivadasan from Lenovo discusses unstructured data and how to target to get max ROI and The Viral Perspective from Matthias – Youtube Sensation and FilmMaker.

Will Big Data Save Us – Ajit Sivadasan – Global head of Lenovo.com

What is happening around us?

Not all data that is there is relevant or easily leverage-able. The reason? Most of the data that is there is unstructured. Unstructured data needs to be handled differently. It requires sophisticated smart people – infrastructure, Analytics platforms – a lot of work is needed to make it work.

Ajit Aivadasan, Global head of Lenovo.com discusses the fact that brands are in trouble – users don’t care about brands and will switch based on price and number of other factors. The cost of switching is important.

We are all saying the same thing in different ways – we are going to mass marketing – so what have Lenovo done?

  • Explicit segmentation – driving campaigns using profiles
  • Implicit segmentation – based on clustering
  • All Digital – all social campaigns
  • Crowd sourcing failure rate analysis
  • Predictive segmentation – drive significant conversions

How do you target 1% of customers to get max ROI?

  • Real time sentiment
  • Real time buzz
  • Engagement to Consideration

Final Thoughts

  • Significant organizational transformation is needed for success
  • Data is central to everything we are doing
  • Not all data is useful
  • Marketing that is digital/mobile social drives measure-ability
  • Marketings in future will drive measurable creativity


 Editors Note:

In the break I went to the expo hall and was asked to ‘have a go’ at the win a Lenovo tablet prize game. What I had to do was to guess the number on the lock of the box… and you’ve guessed it – Lucky me – I WON!!

I am now the proud owner of a Lenovo Yoga Tablet


The Viral Perspective – Matthias – Songwiter/Filmmaker matthiasiam.com

Advertising on Youtube is significantly cheaper and Youtube moves exponentially faster than most visual mediums. What used to be considered a landmine to businesses, is now actually considered a goldmine.

  • Not enough companies see the true relationship
  • Brand integrated content is much more than product placement
  • Celebrity endorsement wrapped up in content

Examples: Brand integrated video for ford

  • If a brand did not use the video you can still use it with adsense
  • Harness the potential of the creator consumer relationship
  • risk free
  • forecast and estimate total reach and engagement
  • Much less chance of reward – reward much greater – viral videos (5 and a half million views)

  • Why don’t we always make good content
  • Spend more time and money on writing content
  • Make it good authentic content
  • Gangnam style/harlem shake are exceptions
  • Give your video an escape route – to push past your normal audience
  • There has not been a correlation with audience size and a video going viral – to get outside of that normal reach you need someone on the outside to help
  • Relevancy – can become irrelevant in an instant
  • Someone might beat you to it

The main takeaway?

The time to act is now!!


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