Winning Strategies and KPI’s for Search Marketers – #SMX Munich

Winning Strategies and KPI’s for Search Marketers – #SMX Munich

3rd April 2012

Two great sessions from Dr Karl Blanks, and Ian Howie from Conversion Rate Experts. Many conversion areas have been covered in previous posts, so this post covers the second part of the session Key performance Indicators.

What are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

“Measures that help you understand how you are doing against your objectives.” – Avinash Kaushik, Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, Co-founder of Market Motive

What makes a great KPI?

“A great KPI gives you the actionable insights that enable you to deliver insanely great business-focused results.”

Five Winning KPI’s

Average Position on Search Page
Bounce Rate (Analytics)
Lifetime Customer Value (KISS metrics)
Click-through Rate
Conversion or Ecommerce Rate (Analytics)

KPI Optimisation Framework

Define – define the KPI’s and set up tools to capture the results
Optimise – improve SERP copy, Improve SERP position, test Ads, test landing pages, test forms
Refine – Refine campaign, Keep optimising and testing based on KPI’s

Case Study – Green Ops

We were shown a great case study from the Royal Marines Green Ops Overview. A campaign with the objective of achieving form submissions leading to the recruitment of Royal Marine Officers.
The campaign involved 312 of gameplay commanding a commando to judge a players ability to make a decision. The campaign generated twice as many applications required to meet targets, reduced the bounce rate from 63% to 51%, and grew the Marines Facebook community by 193% giving additional lifetime customer value

By adding Video and a distinct call to action button, Facebook Tab improvements decreased the Bounce Rate considerably

by splitting the page view and refining the focus of the page, the end game screen improved the amount of clicks and visitors to the form

For more info on conversion improvement, see previous posts from SES New York and the Conversion Conference


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