Yandex and Twitter to Partner Up: Yandex Search Your World

Yandex and Twitter to Partner Up: Yandex Search Your World

23rd February 2012

Where Google has lost the connection to Twitter’s famous ‘fire hose’, a competitor of Google in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia, Yandex, now has made a deal to get that fire hose.

With that deal Yandex immediately made the move towards what Google is doing and introduced a new social search service similar to Google’s ‘Search, plus your world‘ .

The big difference between Google and Yandex’ social search is that where Google is very focussed on Google+, Yandex gets data from different social networks and has as said all of the Twitter results.

Don’t think that Yandex just started doing social though, the Russian search giant has been implementing social results for a while now. They figured they had to go that way because they saw a lot of searches of people looking for information about people, whether it be celebrities or friends.

People search is important for Yandex. They say they have indexed about 250 million personal profile pages, all of which are publicly available. So searching for a name will return that profile. If more than one profile shows up for a name, Yandex adds one of the profiles to the top of its search results page and shows the others on a different page.


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