Yandex Launches Online Translation Service for Russian and Ukrainian

We all have something to say about Google Translate. Usually we complain that it’s not good enough. Or we like it, because it does help us get started. What we do know is that we shouldn’t use it to actually translate a website.

One of the languages which Google has issues with is Russian. That is one of the reasons why Yandex is bigger and better in Russia. Now Yandex is making use of that extra knowledge by launching a Google Translate competitor for the languages Google is struggling with: Russian and Ukrainian.The service translates text or web pages in Russian into English or Ukrainian. Conversely, text and web pages in English or Ukrainian can be translated into Russian.

From the press release:

“Yandex’s machine translation technology is statistical. It builds special-purpose dictionaries based on analyses of millions of documents – originals and translations. When translating text, the system picks the most statistically probable translation in a given context. To read more about Yandex’s machine translation technology, visit this page.”

Aleksey Baytin, head of Yandex.Translate says:

“Statistical machine translation, of course, cannot compare with human translation, especially professionally done. But, more often than not, all a user needs is just a general idea of what other people think of a hotel abroad or how a certain event is covered in the foreign media. An online translator can easily help with that. And do that in a matter of seconds”.

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3 thoughts on “Yandex Launches Online Translation Service for Russian and Ukrainian

  1. its very to good to see that translation companies are trying to work their way up by finding out glitches in Google Translate. Really awesome stuff. Prior to this article I dint even knew that google translate used to face problem for russian translation. As you know curiosity kills the cat, I downloaded some russian articles and had it translated via google translate and dint find some errors in translation . Reeally awesome article and kudos to Yandex !!

  2. Really great news but why limited to Russian and Ukranian. There are still lot of language to go with. Would love to see soon the new aspects.

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