Yandex rolls out Infinite Scrolling
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Yandex rolls out Infinite Scrolling

5th September 2011

We know Google has been testing infinite scrolling for a while, and we expect Google to come out with some sort of infinite scrolling functionality soon. But the Americans in this case have been beaten by the Russians.

Yandex just announced that they are rolling out infinite scrolling on their search result pages. If you click on the “10 more results” button (either in Russian or the English version) you will get 10 more results below the ten you just saw, keeping the first ten in place and the search box on top.

How it works: search State of search

Yandex told State of Search:

“A third of users at least once a week browse through the pages of search results, 10% scan up to ten pages, about 20% – return to the previous one. Now users can get as many search results as they want on one page. Users can define or make a new query anytime, without the need to scroll to the top of the search page. From late July the search box is always visible even when scrolling down.”

With this move Yandex again is pointing out their ambition: they want to be part of the big boys, not just in the Russian market, but also world wide. Being innovative is a huge part of that. And that is what they are doing at the moment.


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