You Can Now Ignore People in Google Plus (Without Them Knowing)

You Can Now Ignore People in Google Plus (Without Them Knowing)

26th August 2011

Google believes Google Plus should be a reflection of the real world. And in the real world there are people in your environment which you may not want to see or hear all the time. So you ignore them.

Google today launched a new feature on Google Plus which does just that: ignore people. You won’t hear them, you won’t see them. But they will be there. It is a ‘light’ version of blocking.

Where blocking limits the way people interact with you, “Ignore” means people will still see your updates, can comment on your posts and is still ‘in the loop’ so to speak.

Here is how Olga Wichrowska of Google explains it in a video:

To ignore people, they need to be there

Google made this change to make Google+ look just like the real world in which you have different kind of people around. That would mean you have to put everybody in a circle, whether or not you like them or want anything to do with them. Right now I myself, like most people I suspect, simply ignore people who follow me if I don’t want to do anything with them by not adding them to any of my circles.

If you want to ignore several people that have added you on Google+, you can click the new Ignore all button in the Notifications menu to ignore them all at once. People you ignore won’t know that you ignored them.

If Google does get people to put everybody in circles it will have two more benefits for Google: more usage and more data…

Wichrowska also announced a change in how you get notified if people follow you. We now get two different kinds of notifications: Added you on Google+ and Added you back on Google+. To differentiate between those you already follow and those you don’t (yet).

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