YouTube InVideo Programming To Promote Your Own Channel

YouTube InVideo Programming To Promote Your Own Channel

9th October 2012

YouTube added a new feature called InVideo Programming for all users and companies who uploaded videos to the video website.  InVideo Programming  lets you easily promote your own channel and a specific video across al your own videos to get extra subscribers and viewers. The new feature can be found by clicking own your own username at the top and then select Settings in the menu. At the left then choose InVideo Programming under Channel settings.

As you can see in the screenshot above you will then have the two options. The first option lets you promote your own channel across all your own videos. After selecting this option your profile picture will be added to all videos. You can select where you want to show the picture, for example top left or bottom right and you can select the display time. For example you can choose to show your own logo during the whole video or just a select period of time (10 seconds minimal).

Second like said above you can promote a specific video across all your own videos. Same like promoting the channel you can select were to place the thumbnail of the chosen video and you can select the display time. It´s not possible to show the thumbnail during the whole video.

In case of both options it can be disabled afterwards. The first option (example below) is nice for branding and getting subscribers, the second option is nice to promote a recently added video.


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