YouTube Launches One Channel To All Video Content Creators

YouTube Launches One Channel To All Video Content Creators

11th March 2013

After a brief testing period, YouTube have finally rolled out their new ‘One Channel’ design update which they promise will provide a more consistent look across all platforms and which should also help channel owners to attract more subscribers. ‘One Channel‘ is the latest YouTube makeover but one which definitely helps regarding the branding and promotion of an individual channel and that’s got to be good for those creating really good quality video assets.

YouTube has enlisted the help of the top content creators on the site to explain what the new design means for them and how they believe it will help all those who upload original videos:

New Design Features:

In anticipation of the work needed to align with the new design, YouTube have provided information on ways to optimise your new channel layout including the best sizes for artwork and images. ‘Channel Art’ are the customisable images you can add to your channel and YouTube provide a tool that allows you to set the size, you can download the template from Google here.

But is it worth going to all of this trouble? Well, viewers watch videos everywhere and on all types of devices so you need your channel to look as professional and compelling as you can and create a consistent feel across all platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile and Connected TV. Google have given you the tools, you just need an hour or so implement the changes.




You can find out more about the optimisation of your channel from the YouTube Playbook and see examples of the new channel design already implemented by Real Madrid and Annoying Orange.

Attract More Subscribers:

To become successful on YouTube, you have to be active on YouTube and getting people to subscribe to your channel should be one of your top marketing goals. Luckily, with ‘One Channel’ comes the ability to create a trailer that introduces you and your content to any viewer that visits (via autoplay until that viewer hits the subscribe button).

Regarding the changes, Google states that:

“All your viewers can become subscribers. You just need to win them over. With the new design you can feature a trailer that plays only when non-subscribed viewers land on your channel. This is your chance to let them know what your channel is all about and encourage them to subscribe”

Here’s a great example of a subscriber trailer from iJustine, YouTube darling and one of the first beta testers for the new layout:


It’ll be interesting to monitor just how many channels opt in to the new layout and how many will go the effort of making a subscriber trailer themselves. It would seem an awful waste not to take advantage of the new features, particularly when YouTube have made it loud and clear that they consider this to be a benefit to video creators.


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